Weedy Soil

21 Jun

The Germination Of Seeds Is Expected But Not Guaranteed

“Who do you blame when the seeds you planted do not break through the ground?” I asked Ed my old neighbor in Saskatchewan.

“You are at blame when the seeds you planted don’t come up!” he answered. “You probably planted your seeds too deep or not deep enough. Maybe, you planted in conditions that were not suitable for their germination.  Was it too wet or dry, or too cold?” Ed asked.

Next To The Boss

18 Jun

Sitting Beside The Boss Looks Like You Have Some Of His Authority

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, says, “Power attracts people who like to run things and be bossy.” My old neighbor contends that some people will never be satisfied unless they are seen and heard. Who the leader is and those who are leading with him will always bring positive and negative reactions.

Some folks do like to be in positions of authority, while others would rather let someone else lead. Many would rather criticize their leader than lead themselves and be criticized. When you are not in leadership positions, it is effortless to feel those leading should accomplish the impossible. Achieving the impossible is only a problem if you need to do it.

Family Ties

17 Jun

Family Ties May Seek To Choke, Not Bless

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, says that if the shoe fits do not wear it. He is telling everyone that Meghan Markle should not have put her foot into Cinderella’s slipper. As the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan will be in a fishbowl in plain view of everyone. She married Prince Harry, but he comes with a royal family. His family is trapped in proper etiquette, traditions, titles, and protocols. According to Ed, being a member of the Royal Family is like being sentenced to a life term in the jail of public life where you must act like a puppet.

All families come with their own unique identity. Most of us did not pick our family of birth. Our parents gave us life and supplied us with siblings and family identity. Some folks remain close to their, parents, siblings and relatives their whole life. Other people are separated from their birth family and relatives, either by distance or by desire. Not all families are tied together by love or goodwill. In fact, some families are dangerous and deadly.

Family Dynamics

17 Jun

Long-Lost Cousins Turn Up To Remind Us Of Our Family Roots

“Did they look you up because they wanted to borrow money?” Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, asked me. I had told him of a sudden phone call and the subsequent visit from my long-lost cousin and her husband.  This cousin was from my mother’s family. My mother came from a large family with lots of kin and kind. I was the youngest cousin of the bunch with no cousins my age to befriend.

The cousin that came to visit is five years older than me. That is a big gap to bridge as a child. When she was five, I was a baby. At fifteen she a teenager and I a ten-year-old in public school. I was a shy farm kid, and she was a town kid. Her dad was a prosperous business owner while my dad worked in town to keep the farm afloat. She came to say hello because I am a family connection that is still alive while many of her other cousins have died. 

Wasting Away

28 May

Wasting Away, In The Concerns Of Life, Instead Of Golfing

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, was frustrated to hear that I have not been golfing in our good weather here in B.C. When he heard that I have been spending extra time gardening, and getting ready for painting, he was sure I am badly misguided. “At your age, you should not spend your limited, time left, in chores, when you could be enjoying the finer things in life,” Ed scolded.

I assured Ed that he could be right, but that I was in good company off the golf course. The greenhouse was packed with other folks picking up bedding plants. Home Depot was standing room only in the paint section with everyone trying to finalize their paint colors.


28 May

For Some, Sunday Is A Sacred Day, But For Others, It Is Not

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, considers every day alike. He rejects going to church on Sunday as he sees Sunday as no more sacred than any other day. My old neighbor has lots of people who share his view that every day is alike. They reject the view that Sunday is the Lord’s Day. The commandment, to remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy does not hold water with them.

Ed argues that the Sabbath Day was not Sunday in the Old Testament but Saturday, and therefore, the commandment to remember or observe the Sabbath does not apply to us. The Old Testament is very clear about the Sabbath Day. It says, “There are six days when you may work, but the seventh day (Saturday) is a holy day, a Sabbath of rest, a day of sacred assembly.”