Lord’s Prayer

21 Jun

Time For Fasting And Prayers In The Summer

Ed, my old neighbor, was suspicious when I told him that I have declared a weekly day of fasting for myself during the summer. “Does your fasting mean that you are so heavy that you are using fasting to starve a few pounds off?” Ed asked me.

“Not exactly,” I answered, “I have been eating too many cookies, and desserts, and my weight is too high, but a day of fasting each week won’t be enough to change my waistline. I will be using daily prayers to help me gain more self-control over my snacking after supper. 

Family Connections

12 Jun

Traveling To Tie Family Cords Together

“A five, day trip to our grandson’s graduation was good for our car,” I told Ed my old neighbor in Saskatchewan. He could not figure out how a trip could be useful for our car. I explained that the eight hours of driving one way at top interstate speed was what the car needed. Before the trip the dash engine light had lit up. The dealership said that I needed to drive the vehicle at higher speed for a longer drive, instead of short trips at low speeds. After our trip to Portland, Oregon, eight hours there and eight hours back. Our car’s engine light has stopped coming on.

Ed feels traveling eight hours for high school graduation is too much. He has his own ideas about how high school graduations should be conducted. If Ed ruled the school system, high school graduations would be for the school staff and the graduates only. It would be at the end of the last school day. On that day the graduates would get their diplomas with a handshake and, a solid direction to each one: “Now go to college or university or get a job, as you are all done here!”


10 Jun

Don’t Correct And Criticize Others – Let Them Do It Themselves

“Why is it that folks feel they have a right to criticize and correct others?” I asked Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan. Ed believes that it may be genetic as everyone seems to have a critical streak in them from childhood to old age. Children accuse parents of being able to find fault with them anywhere or at any time. Parents accuse teens of having an insatiable enthusiasm for criticizing everyone and everything. Most people end up blaming themselves from time to time. Politicians spend their lives criticizing each other. Ed summed up his opinions on criticizing by saying that everyone likes to correct and criticize others, but they do not want to be corrected or criticized themselves.

William Telle famous for shooting an apple off the top of his son’s head in1307 is reported to have said: “Our present time is a criticizing and critical time.” I think that today, 2019 might also be described as a critical time. We are entitled to our own opinions, but our thoughts are not necessarily right except for ourselves. We can share our views but must not be surprised if someone wants to criticize them.

Beyond Reach

31 May

No Need To Strive For Impossible Perfection

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, does not want to hear about my stupid gardens. He feels gardens are responsible for things the world could do without. Ed has no interest in flowers. Maybe he is color blind? He says that other than potatoes, vegetables are not needed. Only apple, cherry, and peach fruit trees are okay. He told me yesterday the fact that we have had lettuce, radishes, spinach, peas, and two strawberries off our garden is too dull to hear about, and I need to get a life away from my gardens. Life is not dull or boring in the garden.

Sometimes I feel that I need to get away from my gardens too as once I go in them, there is always more to do than I have time and energy to get done. Weeds wait for no gardener, they attack twenty-four-seven. Shrubs and hedges often need a hair cut. Gardens go to the extremes of too wet or too dry. Certain plants show that you have over watered them and get sick in spitefulness.

Mental Health Week

24 May

You Are Not The Only One Who Claims To Be Sane

There has always been lots of discussion about the state of our mental health. Ed, my old neighbor claims most folks are a little wacky or have at least one screw loose. He claims that you will see this, regularly, in our families, at work, at school, and in our neighborhoods. My old neighbor steers away from words like deranged, and insane because they are too severe to mention flippantly. Most of us, according to Ed, admit to being, a little crazy because that is normal behavior.

Not so many of us are comfortable admitting we have issues with our mental health. I told Ed; that hopefully, that is changing, and people are becoming more open about discussing their struggle with depression or stress and other mental health issues. Mental Health Week celebrated each year helps us to go beyond jokes and denial when it comes to mental health concerns.

Words Meant To Wound

16 May

Words Have The Power To Discredit Us Falsely

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, likes to label folks. He says everyone is into name calling. He claims it was one of the useful things that he learned in school. One kid at high school was as tall as a giraffe and was called Stretch. My old neighbor said if I had been there, I would have been called Minnow. When I asked Ed what his nickname was at school, he confessed it was yappy. He felt that he did not talk a lot; he was not annoying like a noisy dog.

When we call someone a name, it can go both ways. It can be accepted or rejected. Sometimes we go beyond what is okay to what is untrue. I am old, so you can call me old, but don’t call me senile. Some folks dismiss all old people as being senile. Not every person who goes to church is a hypocrite. Not every high school student is using drugs. We need to be careful what we say about others because our words have the power to hurt or discredit others falsely.