More and Less

12 Aug

An Unwanted Blanket Of Smoke Has Us Tucked In Tight

“It is both day and night, that we keep smoking more and enjoying it less,” I told Ed when he called yesterday. Smoke from forest fires has spread to our area of our province, and it doesn’t want to leave us. With a wind change, we could have clear air again. As of today, we are starting our second week of smoky air and irritated eyes and throats here in Chilliwack.

Ed said that he would swap, crop destroying hail for our smokie air. I told Ed that I hope that we are never able to swap weather or control it because it would end up making things worse. Predicting the weather can be helpful and is the place to stop, for the weather people don’t deserve the blame for poor air quality or damaging hail.

Bend and Break

12 Aug

Is It Helping or Paying for Physical Torture?

“It is the dog days of summer here,” I told Ed, my old neighbor, when he called yesterday. The hottest most uncomfortable part of summer has hit us here in B.C. which I call the dog days of summer. In ancient times, the ‘Dog Days’ of summer were blamed for not only excessive heat but also for drought, sudden thunderstorms, fever, bad luck, war, and catastrophe.

“It has been my uncomfortable days, not only because of the heat, but because I have been taking physiotherapy on my knees. My physiotherapist doesn’t seem to understand that I am old. My fear is that he has not learned that if something is stiff and you bend it enough, it will break. My young and eager therapist has decided that my one knee is stiff and he is going to make it flexible in few sessions.

Searching for Treasures

30 Jul

Start Searching For Long, Lost Treasure Today

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, has been searching for a part for his vintage grain truck, and he says that it is like trying to find a hidden treasure. Every year as harvest begins to appear down the road; Ed seeks to get, Old Mack, ready for one more season of grain hauling. So far, my old neighbor has been able to coax his old grain truck through another season of harvest. This year he may have to retire Old Mack if he cannot treasure hunt a new part for his truck.

I told Ed that I should be good at being a treasure hunter because I have had a lot of practice in hunting a couple of artifacts of my own, my glasses and keys to be precise.

Wheat or Weeds

30 Jul

Get Revenge Against An Enemy By Using Weed Seeds

When Ed called yesterday, the wife talked to him as I was painting a cupboard door on the balcony. My old neighbor was laughing at my expense, as my wife informed Ed, that I was being cheap and stripping kitchen cupboard doors, and repainting them a new color to save money. My wife told Ed that of course she has a wait and see attitude. If the doors do not take on new life with the new paint, I will have to replace the doors. My newly painted doors better look good or else they are getting discarded with their new paint on them.

Ed had heard there was more than painting going on our way. He had heard of three stabbings in downtown Chilliwack. He wanted to know if they were gang related.  The wife told him that sometimes they are, and sometimes they are drug related. She informed Ed, that crime and murder are common in our neighborhood. She said that here in BC, folks get even or take revenge way too seriously. They use guns and knives to even a score, and it becomes deadly quickly.   

No Understanding

12 Jul

Hearing Words Is One Thing, Understanding Them Another

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, is seldom at a loss for words. He would rather give you a gallon of words, than a spoonful. Ed says that we have free speech in this country, and that means he is free to say as much as he wants.

My old neighbor thought that for me to spend hours or days writing a sermon was a waste of time. Ed has repeatedly asked me, “Why spend hours carefully preparing to tell people the words of the Bible as if it will do them any earthly good?” He claims that he knows people that have been hearing sermons for years, and they have never improved one bit. I said that it is not just hearing God’s word, but believing it, understanding it, applying it and the bearing of its fruit over time. Not everyone who hears God’s word comprehends it or believes it.


12 Jul

When You Are Stranded, Help Offered Is Accepted Gladly

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, claims that being stranded in the field is like having your eyes full of sand and both arms twisted behind your back. You can’t see straight or get untangled from the web of circumstances holding you captive. It isn’t agreeable to a person to need help, but there are times you accept it gladly.

I had told Ed, when he called that I was rereading Westerns by Louis L’Amour and that being stranded in gun fights, in the wilderness or desert, makes for a good story. Ed said it is interesting to read about getting stranded, but it is no picnic when it happens in life. “At least,” he said, “Most times being stuck in the field or beside the road does not last for days or weeks like in the westerns.”

Cars on the road and tractors in the field can and do quit on us. We can get stuck in snow drifts and slide off icy roads into the ditch. One never knows when a flat tire will show up to shut us down. Here in BC traffic can keep you stranded, bumper to bumper, for hours on the highway because of an accident or construction. Being stranded can be particularly grim when it is long term.