Now Is The Hour

13 Mar

Now Is The Hour To Change Your Present Direction

“Wrong way Sam, that is what we called the hired hand,” Ed told me yesterday. My old neighbor from Saskatchewan was complaining that things are going the wrong way in the province and the country. When he was a boy, they had a hired hand for the summer who was a champion of getting mixed up and making the simplest tasks a sure-fire, misfire. Ed spoke with no mercy for political leaders at any level, and he would say goodbye to every one of them as sure-fire, misfires if he had his way. The problem he admits is that when one says goodbye, another says hello.

I argued with Ed that changing political leaders may not mean that things will go in the right direction. Most folks admit that a change of direction is needed right now for others but not themselves. On a personal level, it is seldom the right time to change our ways. 


9 Mar

Sometimes The Hardest Person To Love Is Me

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, wanted to know when he called last if I would like to contribute five hundred dollars towards his purchase of a new boat and motor. He assured me that I could use it anytime I visit Saskatchewan.

It seemed to be a great plan for him since we don’t get back to visit in Saskatchewan often. Another thing in his favor is that I’m not a fisherman. My connection to fish is salmon and tuna out of a can. Generously, I offered to loan him five hundred dollars for six months at twenty percent interest.

Ed felt that I needed to learn a lot more about loving my neighbor as myself. I agree with Ed that it often seems other folks don’t treat us as we would like them to treat us. There is a lot of talk about the love of neighbor, but it is far easier to talk about love than to act in love.

Red Sea

9 Mar

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

“Those in life, who complain, and blame, are always ready to take a bite out of us,” I told Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan. “With some folks no matter what you have done or failed to do, they will make sure you hear about it,” I added.

Ed said that there might be some valid reason to complain about me, as he never found it too hard to find fault with me when I lived next door to him. Of course, I told him that the feeling was not mutual.


9 Mar

Good Curlers Can Still Face Better Curlers In A Bonspiel

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, called Saturday to find out how my team did in our local bonspiel. I was at the banquet to end the event when he called, so I did not talk to Ed. I would not have had much to say about the bonspiel. Our team had a few moments of victory but not enough to count. If your rock misses by a quarter of an inch, it is as good as two feet. The difference between winning and losing can be minimal but only winning counts.

Although all members of our team struggled, I sure felt humbled by my own lack of consistency. I thought I saw murder in the eyes of my skip towards me a few times, but thankfully he did not act on his desire. I admit it might have been justifiable homicide.


15 Feb

Are Destructive Habits And Devouring Addictions Sprouted From Harmless Desires?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, says that it looks like the big cash crop of the future will be growing marijuana. He thinks the fields of canola, grains, beans, hay, etc. in his breadbasket province will give way to supplying Canadian smokers of pot. Ed sees that it will become a real problem in twenty years because by then we will be a nation of, ‘Dope Heads.’ He sees it destroying his beloved hockey, the heart, and soul of Canada and Canadians from coast to coast.

I had to ask Ed, “How will that be so?” The hockey players will no longer be fast skating and hard hitting, but cool and relaxed and full of peace. Games will take a day to play because teams in the dressing rooms between periods will not be able to return to the ice until every player there has finished his weed, grass, herb, joint, reefer, cannabis, hay, rope or Mary Jane. Ed said that it stands to reason that if many drunks get mean and fight; marijuana smokers will get relaxed and chilled and insist the goalie come out of the net, and let the other team get as many goals as they want.


15 Feb

Some Mistakes Are So Impressive That Everyone Hears About Them

Ed my old neighbor from Saskatchewan has always said, “Sin boldly and let everyone talk about it for a week or two.” I am sure the Hawaiian employee who pressed the wrong button and activated Hawaii’s Emergency Alert System earlier this year wasn’t trying to get everyone talking and in a panic. I see it as a mistake that wasn’t deliberate but just happened. I have spent a lifetime making errors about many different things. I sympathize with the employee as I know his name could have been mine.

Our own mistakes are often most problematic to ourselves. We tend to be gentle with ourselves when we are to blame for our own mistakes. When our mistakes affect others, the criticism rolls towards us with the force of a tidal wave or a Tsunami. When the employee pushed the wrong button, the cell phones of every Hawaiian lit up and told them a missile attack was imminent. The alert made it clear that it was not a drill! What people did not know, for, some time, was that the warning was a mistake.