On The Tip of My Tongue

19 Sep

Sharp Tongues Go Dull When Folks Cannot Remember Your Name

I asked Ed yesterday if he could remember the last name of a fellow we both knew in Melville. The fellow had a wife named Ruth, and his first name was Gene, but their last name was not anywhere near the tip of my tongue. Ed remembered the couple as regular coffee drinkers at the Dairy Queen downtown. He could not recall their last name either. He was determined however that the name would come to him and he would tell me the next time we talked.

We discussed that the tongue is powerful but only if there is a memory to go with it. The tongue may have the power of life and death in it for those who have not forgotten who they are talking about. It is said that tongues can grow sharper in old age, but that does not account for those that cannot even remember where their glasses are to be found. Remembering other people’s names may come and go in old age and thus praise, or slander cannot do much harm or good to the nameless.

Fit As A Fiddle

12 Sep

Feeling As Fit As A Fiddle With Three Strings Missing

“I have been as restless as a dog chasing its tail,” I told Ed yesterday. My old neighbor from Saskatchewan has always been ten times more relaxed than myself on any given day. He commented that being restless is nothing new with you. He doubted that I have been more restless than usual.

Ed believes that if you can name your problem you should be able to fix it. He told me restlessness is a minor ailment that I can cure with a little self-talk, it is just a change of attitude on my part. He said that if I had a fiddle with three strings missing, I would replace the missing strings. Replace a thing or two in your thinking, and you will cure your restlessness. Of course, Ed also directed me to a shot of whiskey as, a-cure-all for whatever is wrong with me.


5 Sep

Why Look At Real Estate For Sale, With No Money To Buy?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, knows I waste too much time browsing the listings of houses for sale. Most sensible people are only interested in homes for sale if they are in the market to buy one. Whether it is a lonely shack by a railroad track, or a stately, old house now forgotten, I can see potential where no one else can. Ed has always said that it is good that I have no money to invest because if I did, I would be a junk dealer of houses. He is sure about seeing potential in a home for sale is 90% imagination and 10% common sense.

Many of us are glad to have any place to call home. Most of us also have a home that reflects what we can afford rather than what might be the house of our imaginations. Who wants an elegant mansion on a private estate, or a historic castle? Some long for a fishing cabin on a favorite lake or a beach house in Hawaii. Style, size, and location all are part of house dreams. Some feel any home needs to be near family, and some make sure it is far away from relatives. Ed says he is not impressed by houses, but he has talked about both his and Ruby’s first house and his grandparent’s clapboard house on the farm as places he will never forget.

Circle of Life

29 Aug

Life And Death In The Touch Of A Hand

“The baby did not like the touch of my cold hand on his head,” I told Ed yesterday. In our Sunday service, I administered the sacrament of Holy Baptism to a month, old baby boy. In the sacrament, I placed my hand on his head while the Lord’s Prayer was said. The little guy thought it was a long prayer and was relieved when my cold hand had left his head. He did not like the warm water poured on his head either. When his baptism was over, he slept peacefully through the rest of the church service.

Ed had to point out that I can even put babies to sleep in a church service. He wanted to know if preachers ever keep track of the number of people who fall asleep during their sermons. I said that I do notice sleepers if they snore really, loudly or fall off their pew. I also notice those that read their bulletin during the sermon and or go to the washroom repeatedly. According to Ed, who does not attend any church, all churches should sell the sermons that have caused the most people to fall asleep. They would be safer and more effective than sleeping pills.  

Forest Fires

23 Aug

Smoky Air Can Come From Forest Fires Burning Far Away

“For the third year in a row you are belly-aching about forest fires in your province,” Ed grumbled at me yesterday. My old neighbor in Saskatchewan has a limited supply of compassion for me since we moved to, B.C., a province full of forests and mountains. “If you are not talking about summer forest fires, it is the unrelenting rain. You know I hate whining and complaining except if I’m doing it,” he said. He wanted me to change the subject which I was more than ready to do.

There is no getting away from the truth that smoke chokes us when we breathe it in. When our plane touched down in Calgary last week, folks at the airport were complaining about the smoke from our forest fires in BC blanketing the city there. If our smoke floats to Saskatchewan, I am ready to tell Ed that we have been sucking in poor quality air for weeks now. Our province has at 600 forest fires burning presently with no rain in sight, so our smoke may reach from ocean to ocean at the rate we are going.

Partial To Me

14 Aug

I Do Not Want To Be Fair To Everyone; Who Does?

“I like being partial to whatever and whoever I want,” Ed my old friend in Saskatchewan said yesterday. He also added that he did not love every neighbor as himself only the ones that deserved his love. He had asked what I was writing about, and I had said the sin of partiality. My old neighbor believes showing unfair favoritism is precisely what happens in real life.

We do have lots of things that we are partial to or we like them best, which is no problem until we get to thinking that we are God, and what we like is what God likes too. It is one thing to like peaches better than pears but is another thing to dislike anyone who prefers pears to peaches. Partiality is showing unfair bias in favor of one thing or person compared with another. Few tend to see a danger in showing favoritism, seldom feeling that it could become a harmful habit.