20 Apr

If You Are Confused, I Am Totally Mixed Up!

I told Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, that it had been our time to deal with confusion. Things had spiraled out of control, like when you drop a glass that shatters, into many pieces.

It began two weeks ago when we heard the news that a friend had died suddenly. Her death was confusing for our friend had not been facing a major health problem, but was abruptly dead, with her husband and seven children left to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts. It was a hidden health condition that snatched her life away in the same way that heart attacks and strokes steal lives in a few hours.

Maximum Pain and Suffering

12 Apr

It Tastes Awful, But It Works!

Most folks dislike the taste of Buckley’s cold medicine.  Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, swears by it for stopping a cough. Personally, I think that Buckley’s tastes awful, but it works, so it’s a definite cure if you take it of your own free will.

The Romans forged a mighty Empire by using some methods that were awful but extremely effective. One such approach, to kept law and order, was crucifixion.  As a punishment, crucifixion maximized pain and suffering while killing rebels and criminals in a truly horrible way. It worked so well that it was a real deterrent to trouble makers. Crucifixion was the favored way of the Romans at the time of Jesus for executing slaves, foreigners, revolutionaries, and criminals. The only time a Roman citizen was crucified was for desertion from the army.

No Escape

5 Apr

Trouble May Turn Deadly Even For The Innocent

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, believes a lousy day is unavoidable once in a while, but he feels some folks have months and years of bad days. My old neighbor feels going to church is a bad day for himself. He considers churches the location of funerals. They are events that are as bad as it gets for the dead and the living. Ed also believes churches are the source of trouble because people get married at churches, and once the wedding is over the problems starts.

Trouble and bad days go together. Trouble usually comes in bunches which seem beyond our control. There is a delightful children’s book by Judith Viorst called, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. In the book, Alexander a seven or eight-year-old boy had a day when everything went wrong. His day started when he woke up with gum in his hair that had been in his mouth when he went to bed. At school, at the dentist, at the shoe store, at dinner, in his bath, and in bed trouble found Alexander. He was sure if he could run away to Australia his Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day would not happen there.

Broken Promise

1 Apr

Our Broken Promises Can Bloody Our Souls

“I forgot,” may be an honest reason for a broken promise. Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, promised Ruby that he would go with her to Regina last Friday. They were to leave at ten in the morning. Ten came and went, and Ed wasn’t home from having coffee downtown. When Ed rolled in half an hour late Ruby was not impressed with his, “I forgot.”

Broken promises come in all shapes and sizes. Jonathan Swift said, “Promises and pie crusts are made to be broken.” A promise is true to us when we make it; but after we break the promise, our sorry is meaningless.  An English proverb states, “When a man repeats a promise again and again, he means to fail you. A Danish proverb offers, “Eggs and oaths are easily broken. Do some people get pleasure out of breaking their promises? Is the price of a promise made too high to pay sometimes?

Fill My Cup

24 Mar

A Cup Of Coffee That Would Last You A Week

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, has had more than his share of colorful relatives. We got into a discussion of Ed’s uncle John because of my clumsy, arthritic, hands, and my frequent dropping, and breaking of various things. I like my coffee and have dropped and broken several coffee mugs.

Ed’s uncle John was a rancher and cowboy in Alberta and who made bitter coffee that was just plain-awful tasting. His uncle John always insisted that Ed drink his cup of coffee for it separated the men from the boys. Uncle John felt he was doing those who drank his coffee a favor. He said that if you can drink my coffee, you will be able to drink a good swallow of whiskey straight from the bottle.  Ed claims a cup of his uncle John’s coffee would last a person a week.

Prepare the Meal

14 Mar

A Special Meal Means Precise Planning And Preparation

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, was enlisted by Ruby to set up the rented hall for a family dinner. By set up I mean, set up tables and chairs for two dozen family members. He admitted that he would never cook a special family dinner except if he could feed everyone with take-out food.

Family meals can be exceptional when we are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, etc. Special food will be prepared and cooked. The chairs around the table are counted so everyone can sit down for the meal. Most families have their unique menu for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter dinners.