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16 Jan

Is It Worth A Few Bucks Or Half A Million Dollars?

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, skyped yesterday eager to talk about an auction he recently attended and his great buys. We both discussed how things could go for too little or too much at an auction. When you’re buying the bidding often goes too high for the money you want to spend, while when you are selling the final bid may be depressingly low.

I shared with Ed the fate of Stan Caffy, a pipe fitter, who bought a copy of the Declaration of Independence at a yard sale in Donelson Hills in 1996. He nailed it on his garage wall where it hung for ten years. After ten years of hanging on the garage wall, his wife took it and some other articles as part of a donation to the Music City Thrift Store in Nashville.


16 Jan

Popular Names Change Like The Weather

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan recently received the exciting news, that his tribe is increasing. Another grandchild is to be born in August, and already names are being discussed for a boy or a girl. My old neighbor was distressed that the parents are considering some of the most popular baby names from last year. The girls’ names that the parents are considering are Emma, Olivia, and Ava. The boys’ names are Noah, Liam, and Mason.

“Popular names for babies change like the weather, so it is best to call babies after family members. Names like Edward, Wilfred, or Richard for boys; and Ruby, Bertha, or Mabel would reflect our family,” Ed informed me.


3 Jan

Never Too Late For Auld Lang Syne

A cup of kindness is not what I thought about giving Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan.  It was at midnight on New Year’s Eve when Ed called from Melville. He yelled, “Happy New Year,” into the telephone. He wanted me to hear Auld Lang Syne being played traditionally in the background on the bagpipes.

Ed was not sorry that he woke me up as, he declared, “You need to start the new year right by seeing 2017 in its infancy. It proves you are getting your name in for good health, prosperity, and happiness before the supplies are gone.” It took a while to convince Ed that I needed to hang up, and get my sleep because New Year’s Day was also Sunday and I was preaching in the morning.  For the sake of old times, with Ed being my old neighbor for a decade, we said our good-byes with mutual best wishes for the coming year. Old years slip away and new years come but friendships last as long, as we live.


3 Jan

Some Stains Won’t Come Out, And You Will Hear All About It

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, has started the New Year off on the wrong foot. “It is not hard to get in trouble without trying,” Ed claimed on skype. “My intentions were innocent, but I left a few stains that made the wife unappreciative of my actions. I split a bit of wine on Ruby’s best lace tablecloth. I thought she would never notice a few drops. When she saw it several hours later, she fussed on like I had dribbled half a bottle on the tablecloth, and did not tell her so she could get the table cloth off the table and to soak right away before the stains set. My excuse for not telling her was that we had company and she was busy in the kitchen. I did want to bother her when she had a carving knife in her hand,” was Ed’s version of the event.

I guess I wasn’t much help to Ed because I commented that the cowardly response, not to say anything, usually results in trouble. Ed was quick to tell me that to say something does not work either. With the family home for the holidays, Ed took some of the men out to the farm where they could have a look at the engine Ed is rebuilding and give some advice on its progress. Ed had on new dress pants that Ruby had given him for Christmas. Ed got a little too close to the engine the men were discussing and got both some grease and oil on his new dress pants. When they got back to the house, he told Ruby right away, and that did not go over any better than the wine stains.

2017 Predictions

28 Dec

2017 Predictions For Another Told-You-So Year

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, made one major prediction last year that turned out to be true. He predicted that Donald Trump would win the election and become president of the U.S.A. Now he is certain his prophecies for 2017 will be even more on the money. Ed claims many are coming to their New Year’s party to hear how this coming year will shape up. Ed wants to have another year when he can brag, “I-told-you-so. See it happened just as I said it would.”

My old neighbor insisted on sending me a list of his 2017 predictions in his Christmas card.  It begins with a weather forecast for the year ahead for Saskatchewan; winter: long frigid and lots of snow. Spring: cool and wet. Summer: hot with a bad drought, and the fall also dry.

Good Word

20 Dec

A Good Word For Everyone, All Year Long

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, called yesterday to see if I had any right words to share. The cold that belongs in the Arctic circle had invaded Melville. Ed said it was so cold outside that he missed going downtown for coffee a couple of days. Ed admitted that he was getting soft, and thinking about going to Arizona for part of the winter if it continues to be a polar bear winter.

I told Ed to think carefully about going to Arizona for part of the winter because it will cost him money. To my surprise, he ignored the comment and said that he wanted to ask me some Christmas questions. I figured they would not be serious and they weren’t.