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27 Apr

Dumb As A Rock, Dumber Than A Speck Of Dust, Downright Brain Dead

Ed, my old neighbor, has an instinct for exaggeration. He doesn’t stop at describing someone, in only one way. He keeps magnifying his first description. He recently told me that a cousin of his was as dumb as a rock, then, later, he said his cousin was dumber than a speck of dust. Before he was done, Ed shared his cousin was down-right-brain dead. Ed uses the same exaggerations for sheep.

Obviously, Ed has no respect for sheep. When he skyped last, I was doing research on the sheepfolds for sheep that Jesus referred to in the Bible. The only thing Ed is impressed with concerning sheep is the excellent ability of dogs to herd sheep. He has a great respect for the Border Collie as a herding dog for sheep.


20 Apr

Do I Know You? Who Are You Again?

Ed, my old neighbor, did not recognize me the first time he saw me on the street in Melville on our recent visit. He claimed that, now, I have turned into a 100% old geezer instead of a 50% one. Our old neighbor was gracious towards us. Ed was cautious, at first, not sure, why we were visiting Melville. He seemed to be afraid that we might be coming back to town to stay. When that fear turned out to empty, he was genuinely glad to see us.

It is not exactly fun to hear the questions: “Do I know you? Who are you again? Were you talking to me?” It is humbling not to be recognized by the people you speak to first. Sometimes, there may be a change in you or them, so that, there is no honest realization of the other person’s identity. There could also be the suspicion that the other person does not want to recognize you on purpose. A person can be seen with delight or ignored, as just another person you don’t know, and do not need to know.  


20 Apr

Even The Greatest Talkers, Can Be Left Speechless

Sometimes when you figure you have heard everything, in amazement, you find out you haven’t. Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, called yesterday to tell me he found himself speechless recently. In the years, that I have known Ed, I have never known him not to be able to make a comment on everything and anything. I could not imagine what would have happened that Ed was left dumbfounded except winning the lottery after a lifetime of trying.

It seems that Ed was visiting an old friend and they were talking together when his friend had a sudden shortness of breath and slumped in his chair. Almost immediately, he became unresponsive. His friend’s wife called 911, and the response was quick, but his friend could not be helped. Death was both sudden and astonishingly final. Ed was in a shock that tied-up his tongue in speechlessness for several hours. When he called me, Ed was still shaken that death had struck without warning to his friend. Being blindsided by the death of a loved one does leave us at a loss for words.    

Old Fashioned

6 Apr

It Is More Than Enough To Do Some Things Only Once

It was not my best day ever when I phoned Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan. Ruby, Ed’s wife, answered the phone because Ed was out at the farm. Talking to Ruby, I realized that she had been married to Ed so long she is thinking and talking just like him. It isn’t her fault she is a victim of her circumstance.

When Ruby heard that I would be conducting a wedding ceremony this weekend, she wondered if it was for a young couple hopelessly in love with each other. She was disappointed to learn that the couple is middle-aged and each has been married before. It sure sounded like something Ed would say when Ruby said, “I hope they know what they are doing, one marriage is more than enough for most of us.”

It Stinks

6 Apr

Overcoming Situations That Stink

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, is not one to shy away from talking about politics. I mentioned to Ed that we would be having a provincial election soon in B.C. My old neighbor reminded me that election times are the occasion for those opposing the government to raise a big stink about the government’s record, while in office.

When it comes to political parties, they all stink, or one is as bad as another, is how Ed sees it. If Ed was to believe that death stinks, I could agree with him. When we face the death of a loved one it just plainly stinks as a situation before us. The Bible deals honestly with the pain and grief that death causes for those that must endure the death and burial of a loved one. They experience the heavy, hard to breathe air of separation. It is too late for their loved one to breathe beside them again. In the grave, the dead no longer smell anything.


6 Apr

Lacking Enough Motivation To Act

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, was surprised we are planning a whistle-stop in Melville the last part of April. I told him he had enough notice to get himself motivated to welcome us since we will be just in town for a couple of days. My old neighbor suggested that he had enough warning to be away when we visit. We will see if he has at least a pinch of enthusiasm to say hello before he leaves town.

Motivation is often best when we feel forced to think and act in response to a circumstance before us. We change a flat tire or forget about driving the car. Most folks need a paycheck and are pressured to go to work each day. Hunger forces us up to the table to eat. Greed, lust, power, fame, control, pride, and recognition are powerful motivators that we see driving other people. We usually miss seeing them as motivating ourselves. Sickness, pain, and fear send us seeking relief or help. Family and friends inspire us to love and be loved.