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27 Sep

Don’t Get Paralyzed By The Good, the Bad, And The Ugly

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, has a saying that no one gets any farther in life than the good, the bad, and the ugly. For farmers, if the harvest is good, the price of grain may be bad, or just plain ugly. My old neighbor has a philosophy that when things are bad or ugly, no one can agree on the good to be done to change the situation. Life is about not getting paralyzed by the big three. When folks see things as going well, they tend to spend more than needful. They get stuck in feeling active and willing to enjoy life more freely. Before they know it, they are stuck with bills and payments that are not only bad but at ugly interest rates. According to Ed, life is always sliding from the good, to the bad and the ugly, but the secret is not to stay stuck in anyone of them, just like in the western movies. Where things always go from the good, to the bad, to the ugly, and start over at the good again. In life just go with the flow and don’t try to stand still in the past.

Ed claims that people who dwell on the past get incapacitated by it no matter how it played out as the best or the worst of times. There is no point on talking endlessly about, the good or bad, old days for they are gone. They have no reality except in our minds. We need to walk away from the past for if we don’t go on, we will get stuck in living there while wasting the present. Good memories may be enjoyable occasionally, but today is all we have, as yesterday is gone, and tomorrow will always be beyond us. We will always be living one day at a time, always right now, today, as all we have.

Long Time

27 Sep

It Could Take A Long Time To Get Better

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, has been curling since he was twelve years old. Curling is now like second nature to him. His actions in the sport are automatic in their execution. He does not need lots of concentration when curling his rocks where his skip directs. My old neighbor, cannot believe that I am so slow in learning to curl.

How I can still be sending my curling rock through the house and out the back door is a mystery to him. I have more than enough rocks that also fissile before the hog line. Ed expects that I should have the difference between too little and too much weight in my curling shots eliminated by now. I told him that it would be some time before my curling improves. “Perhaps a long time,” he offered. 


18 Sep

Curling Is More Of A Luxury Than A Necessity, But Worth Doing

Sometimes we lose track of friends. Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, has been focused on his harvest, and I have been involved with some extra activities myself. When we did talk yesterday, he was amazed that I was doing another week of curling lessons. I told him I was in the Fifty-five-and-older group where we are slow to learn and quick to forget. I am not certain if I will try weekly league curling this year or not. I need to consider the cost of the equipment and the cost of curling for the year.

I told Ed that Curling must be seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. Our fixed income won’t stretch for too many unnecessary extras. My old neighbor said curling is worth doing so I should do it and when we run short of grocery money, I could go to a Food Bank as long as Chilliwack has one. I told Ed that going to the food bank would be cheating, taking food from folks that truly need it. I struggle to keep straight the difference between what I need and what I want. The poor are struggling to survive.


18 Sep

If It’s Free, It Isn’t Worth Much

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, phoned last week with the sudden news he was going to be visiting us in two days. We were pretty excited and straightened up the condo for his visit. Ed was to arrive late afternoon last Friday. We told him that we would go out to eat supper after he arrived. Friday came and went with no visit from Ed.

As it turned out, Ed had been at Edmonton visiting his daughter, and he was offered a free ride to Chilliwack with his son-in-law who was traveling to Mission BC. That was why he called us. Before they could get away the next day, the son-in-law got called to work because of an emergency which ended his travel plans. Ed went home to Saskatchewan and forgot to tell us he wasn’t coming here as he indicated. My old neighbor said that his offer of a free ride to visit us turned out to be empty words. He also said that usually if something is yours for free, it isn’t worth much.


31 Aug

I’ve Never Had That Problem!

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, called last week when I was researching a question that sometimes plagues folks. I was looking for suitable answers for a discussion about dealing with someone who thinks they are better than you? My old neighbor had to inform me that he could not help me because he has never had that problem. If it ever would be a problem facing Ed, he would just ignore the person as one would an offensive smell, after a few days you don’t notice the odor anymore.

I was considering that if someone is better than we are in something, it may be a matter of talent or training and we need not be jealous. We could consider what we might learn from their abilities. The recent Olympics reminds us that even when athletes were competing in the same sport, and they are all talented, some proved better than others. We need to be respectful of the person who has performed better than we did. We humbly acknowledge the winner and celebrate their victory for talent is God given. For fame, we can be grateful, but it is fickle and fleeting. It is not wise to envy another’s fame for it may well change the person from better to big-headed.


31 Aug

Every Family Has a Proud Mary or Larry

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, told me his cousin Larry arrived for a visit from Edmonton last weekend. My old friend never misses a chance to exaggerate, so he said that his cousin kept his nose so high in the air that his small brain lacked oxygen. At least, Ed did not label his cousin Larry, a pompous donkey, this time, as he has been prone to do in the past. According to Ed, Larry does not have even one tiny humble bone in his body. His cousin was an unbending authority on everything the whole time they visited. I can imagine a hard weekend for everyone having two unending experts under one roof.

We often become keenly aware of the self-centered, arrogance of others, but believe our attitudes and lives are free of pride. It has been said that humility is a virtue all preach, none practice and that no one takes seriously that pride goes before a fall. Pride is not the so blessed assurance that we are ahead of, or wiser than, and better than others. Humility according to Ivan O. Miller is, “Such a frail and delicate thing that he who dares to think that he has it, proves by that single thought that he has it not.” Humility is very tough for us because as Spurgeon said, “Humility is to make a right estimate of oneself.”