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Disastrous Week

20 Aug

Intense Pain When You Have Only Yourself To Blame!

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, found my recent discomfort humorous.  I told him that I had had a terrible, horrible, very bad week. It began when I was working at my computer, and I spilt a glass of water on my computer. I tried to rescue my computer from the water, but I was too slow, and it died on the desk, a sudden, innocent and senseless death.  I took it to the computer hospital, the specialist there pronounced it dead and forever gone. That was just the beginning.

When I went to close a kitchen window that same night, I pulled the latch off the window. The latch now has to be replaced, and I have to go outside to open the kitchen window. When I do that, I stand beside a once beautiful, but now dead basket of petunias that I overwatered. I was so focused on them not drying out in the heat that they became waterlogged and died.  Ed had great fun at my expense as he said, “It just proves you are a walking disaster, and everyone should stay clear of you.’’

Too Much Walking

11 Aug

Walking Until You’re Footsore is the Cost of Attending the Fair

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, told me that he went to Buffalo Days in Regina this summer. When we talked last, I told him that we were planning on going to the Chilliwack Fair here, but my right leg was demanding attention. It seemed to be protesting my daily biking and extra walking. It was more than a little sore, and I needed to coddle it. There was no walking at the fair this year for me.

My old neighbor had to point out at my age I should know better than to be biking every day. He admitted himself that after walking around the Exhibition for a day his feet and legs were sore. He made a day of the fair because he wanted to see the R.C.M.P Musical Ride evening grandstand show, and everything else he could take in. Apparently, he had never heard of Shawn Mendes, another headliner at Buffalo Days. Ed asked if I had heard of Shawn Mendes. Before, I could answer him he said that Shawn Mendes is another Justin Bieber type for teenagers. When I told him our fair had Platinum Blonde as a headliner, he asked if Platinum Blonde was a woman’s band. He knew better.

Biking City-Style

8 Aug

Bicycles Are Just a Nuisance and Annoyance to Real Drivers

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, had a few unkind words for me yesterday. I told him that I have been able to bike frequently here in Chilliwack. First Ave., our street is a wide with a good stretch of bike lanes along it. Following it, I can end up right out in the countryside. This time of year is perfect for biking because it is mainly hot, dry weather.

My old neighbor informed me that no time of year was good for biking. He says that people riding bikes on streets and roads are just a traffic accident in the making. For real drivers in cars and trucks, cyclists were a nuisance that shouldn’t be on the road. Ed continued by saying that all bike riders do was annoy and disturb everyone but themselves. He claimed that he hated bikers in big cities like Edmonton and Saskatoon with their bike lanes. There, cyclists act like they have as much right on the road as he has. I protested that bikers did have a right to be on the road. I also threw in that car, and truck drivers do more than their fair share of annoying and disturbing others also, so Ed changed the subject.

Water Restrictions

6 Aug

Conserve Water By Having a Shower Just Once a Week

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, the survivor of many a prairie drought gave me an earful yesterday. I told Ed, that although we have had some rain in July, there still is severe, water, restrictions here in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

My old neighbor is convinced that he could solve the shrinking water levels by a few steps backward. Time was according to Ed that few people had running water in their farmhouse, so they brought a pail or two of water each day to their house. It was sufficient for cooking, washing faces and hands, dishes and drinking water. The first exception, to a pail or two of water a day, was Monday, when extra buckets arrived and heated to wash clothes. The second exception was Saturday when everyone took a bath. Ed is certain that people are no happier or healthier today when everyone showers every day for half an hour. People, when Ed was a kid sixty years ago, never wasted water, but only used it as it was needed.


25 Jul

They Made GPS Gadgets To Boss Us Around

When I last talked to my old neighbor Ed, I wasn’t expecting to set him off on one of his pet peeves. I share his complaint; “The GPS system in my new truck almost wrecked my marriage and nearly got me killed.” His wife Ruby has another opinion when it comes to Ed and his GPS system. She claims that for the GPS to be effective, Ed must learn to watch it, or listen to it, and to follow its directions. My old neighbor claimed that he couldn’t look at the fool monitor, and drive at the same time. He hates to have a machine telling him what to do. They used it in Edmonton to search for a church for a family wedding. Ruby had to watch and repeat the instructions for Ed to follow. By the time they reached the church, Ruby had asked the bride if she understood that a husband will even argue with a voice on a screen.

I told Ed that we had used both MapQuest and our son-in-law’s GPS (Global Positioning System). There is a family push to get us using a GPS so that we do not get lost in beautiful Vancouver, BC. The family doesn’t trust that MapQuest will continue to get us in and out of the huge city when we have a specialist appointment. We have had trouble trusting the GPS, but our trust in it is building. Navigating around large cities can be a challenge when you are there as a stranger. The folks who live in big cities are comfortable with the city’s vastness, and all it has to offer, but for those just visiting it can become unnerving. Following directions is necessary when you don’t know the way, but directions must be exactly followed if they are to get you to your destination.

We will follow directions more fully if we trust their source.  My daughter travelled from coast to coast in Canada fully trusting her GPS to get her to countless destinations. For success, there must be trust built through time. Many demand that the Bible be user-friendly giving easy, clear, directions so that they can follow God with comfortableness and ease. The Bible is a large and vast book that you cannot microwave for quickly fixed answers that apply to any and all questions and directions. The success of following directions of a GPS, and the Bible, is a willing, receptive attitude.

The Bible speaks of seeds that fell on a hard path. Birds picked them off the path because the soil was so hard the seeds just sat there on the surface. Other seeds fell on thin rocky soil so that although the seeds sprung up they withered because there was not enough soil to support then long. Other seeds fell among thorns and grew alongside the thorns, but in time the plants were smothered by the thorns. Lastly, seeds fell on good ground, and there they grew and produced large crops.

The GPS and the Bible are not there to boss us around but to direct us to find our way. Neither can direct us if we have minds set against them, or don’t want to hear and follow them.

Smoke in Your Eyes

19 Jul

Wake Up With a Coffee and the Smell of Smoke on the Air

On July 10th, I telephoned my old neighbor, Ed, in Saskatchewan. He was waiting to get our new B.C. telephone number, as he knew our telephone was going into service that day. Skype has served us well, but sometimes Ed wants to be able to pick up his phone and give me an earful about things at Melville. He admits he is a talker and if he can phone his relatives in Alberta, he feels he should also call me in Chilliwack BC. When I lived next door to him, he would quit talking to me over the fence if I said what he didn’t like hearing. At least when I called him in July, he did not hang up on me.

Ed was quick to tell me that the smoke from forest fires was on the air in Melville a long distance from the fires to the north. He said that then even the non-smokers woke up to smoke in the air with their morning coffee. At that time, a hundred forest fires were burning in Saskatchewan.  I told him smoke from forest fires was on the air here, and that we had 200 forest fires at that time in BC.  Ed was sure that they could only be half as serious as the fires in SK.