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18 Jun

Saskatchewan People Are The Best In Canada For Being Altruistic!

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, asked me, “So what are you talking about?” I had told Ed that according to a national survey from the Angus Reid Institute, that the highest percent of altruistic folks are found in Saskatchewan. Ed wasn’t sure what altruistic meant. I had to admit that I wasn’t in the habit of using the word myself.

The survey was about self-interest versus altruism. It asked people what is the best way to live life? Should we be more focused on: “Achieving our own dreams and happiness (self-interest); or Being concerned about helping others (altruism).” Altruism is an unselfish regard for the welfare of others. The survey indicated that Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia had the highest number of folks opting for self-fulfillment as the best way to live life. In the rest of the country, the majority opted for helping others with those from Saskatchewan being the most altruistic in the nation. 


18 Jun

Three Strikes And You Are Out, Like It Or Not

When Ed and I talked yesterday, I asked Ed if he thought baseball was a hard game to understand. I read him the quote of Leo Durocher who said of baseball; “Like church, many attend, few understand.”

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, summed up baseball as a simple game to his way of thinking. “If you are playing baseball you can win, or lose, or hope for rain. If you are a batter never mind a base hit, the coach always wants a home run over the fence. If you are a pitcher, strike the batters out. Last of all, no errors on the field anywhere. The only thing that cannot be controlled is the umpire who decides balls and strikes to the satisfaction of only himself! The game is no more complicated than, three strikes and you are out, like it or not.”  We did decide as a professional baseball player, manager and coach Leo Durocher experienced a side of baseball that Ed and me, would never understand fully.  

Living Water

1 Jun

You Can Live Without Love, But Not Without Water

“Who can keep their head above water, once they have seen their tax bill?” my old neighbor said. He phoned yesterday, and I had told him that there was nothing new our way except our tax bill had arrived to throw a little cold water on our day. Ed, was in too good of a mood to sympathize about tax bills for long as he had been fishing.

Ed’s son-in-law from Edmonton had arrived with a new boat for the long weekend. They camped at Round Lake, and the Qu ‘Appelle Valley was their holiday playground. Apparently, not all the fish got away, but the biggest fish slipped through somebody’s fingers and got free.        


1 Jun

Nothing Stays Bright And Beautiful Very Long

Technology cuts distance down to as close as your computer screen. Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, has become a great fan of pictures by way of his wife’s computer from here in Chilliwack to there in Melville. I took a picture of my garden with various rows of different vegetables above ground. Ed had to admit my garden was off to a great start. Two weeks later I sent a picture of a depleted half row of peas. The birds had been feeding on the tiny pea and spinach plants.

So far, the birds, are eating the peas three times as fast as the spinach.

Ed had no sympathy for my missing peas and said that I should thank the birds for eating any spinach. According to Ed, I should not waste time on a garden that the birds share as they like, but just buy my peas in the can, or in the frozen section of the grocery store like a normal person. My old neighbor has an aversion to all gardens and flowers, birds, mountains, sunrises, rivers and sunsets in general, are not necessarily beautiful to him. 


18 May

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, was thrilled to view Vancouver’s Lions Gate Suspension Bridge, by way of a file of pictures we sent to his wife’s computer. My old neighbor has a keen interest in this suspension bridge because of its enormous scale. I guess it should not surprise me as he thrives on giant tractors and barn-sized combines. Why wouldn’t Ed like a bridge that has 60,000 to 70,000 vehicles crossing it each day? People have been counting on the massive Vancouver bridge since it was built in 1938. People will not cross a bridge that they do not trust to get them safely over the water below.

We tend to depend on other people and lean on them because they have been trustworthy in our experience with them in the past.  Sometimes, it ‘s hard to find trust and comfort in a person or a situation. Many things can destroy the confidence needed so people can thrive.


17 May

It is My Way, My Truth, and My Life, so Back Off!

“I’m looking for an opening for an appointment at my doctor’s office, to get my knees checked out,” I told Ed, my old neighbor, last week. “I have one knee that buckles on me, all too regularly. Both knees seem to be demonstrating an unwillingness to work without protesting,” I continued.

“Hold on,” Ed said, “I did not phone you to hear you whining about your knees.” He then asserted, “I have no patience when people start talking about their bad knees, bad backs, or bad doctors. Bad knees are their problem that the rest of us cannot fix, so they should just spare us the details.”