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Updating a Will

11 Sep

Some Things Should Always Be Put Off ‘Till Next Year

I wasn’t able to talk to Ed, my old neighbor, from Saskatchewan last week. I figure it may be just as well, as the Mrs. and I, have been trying to get our thoughts collected, and the needed information gathered up to update our wills. Some things that need to be done get put off until it is too late. Since we have just moved to a new province, it is a good time to take care of all things needful. Ed, my old neighbor, always said that having your will written up is like waving a red flag at fate. According to him, a will says that you’re ready for death, and the distribution of all you have to others. Ed has said that it was best to put off writing up your will to the future. He was positive that you should let people know that you are not ready to die, or give any of your possessions to anybody, anytime soon!

I can imagine the hassle Ed will give me when he hears we are updating our wills. His questions will be of these sorts: “Is one of you sick? Will you have any beneficiaries in your will that aren’t a relative? Do you know some people leave money to an old friend or neighbor?  Do you need a good executor? Remember I have free time in the winter to waste for taking care of your estate. Are those BC lawyers more expensive than the Saskatchewan ones? Have you thought about writing your will up yourself and saving the cost of a lawyer?” I know for sure that Ed will remind me that a person should never let his kids know the details of his will until he is dead. That way he won’t know all the trouble he started because where there is a will there’s a lawsuit.


2 Sep

No One at the House – Look For My Combine in the Field

Last week, it was my turn to get a hold of my old neighbor, Ed, in Saskatchewan. When I phoned, I got the answering machine. Its message said, “No one is at the house, look for me on the combine in the field.” When I called back later around midnight, Ed was just finished his late night snack, and about ready to head off to bed. He had combined until ten p.m. before quitting for the day. Never too tired to talk, my old neighbor was pleased with the good news I had for him.

Ed and I have one solid connection, and that binds us together as brothers. We both are loyal fans of that great western television program of the past, “Gunsmoke.” It was based on a radio program of the same name that, served up the best and worst of frontier life. Marshall Matt Dillion kept the peace in the rough and early Dodge City. The stories included much more than a Dodge City location. The story settings varied from frontier settlement homesteads, to empty grasslands and valleys, to deadly deserts, rocky cliffs, treacherous rivers to cross, hidden trails and dusty towns.

Expecting the Worst

2 Sep

Watching For Damage Reports From Frost, Aphids and Diamondback Moths.

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, has always been one to expect the worst. When I talked to him last week, it was August 23 and the day before Calgary had received wet snow that melted as it fell. That was enough to fire up my old neighbor into thoughts of doom and gloom. He has had some crop damage from aphids and diamondback moths and was certain a killing frost would be next to further damage both his crop yield and quality. When I suggested that maybe the killing frost wouldn’t arrive before the end of September this year, he said, “Fat Chance!”

Ed stated that we aren’t dealing with global warming. He claimed that the weather is Russian roulette now! “You never know what the weather will do because every place, whether far or near, has crazy weather. Nobody knows what to expect, of the weather. It mostly will be what you don’t want or need, like a shot to the head.”

Disastrous Week

20 Aug

Intense Pain When You Have Only Yourself To Blame!

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, found my recent discomfort humorous.  I told him that I had had a terrible, horrible, very bad week. It began when I was working at my computer, and I spilt a glass of water on my computer. I tried to rescue my computer from the water, but I was too slow, and it died on the desk, a sudden, innocent and senseless death.  I took it to the computer hospital, the specialist there pronounced it dead and forever gone. That was just the beginning.

When I went to close a kitchen window that same night, I pulled the latch off the window. The latch now has to be replaced, and I have to go outside to open the kitchen window. When I do that, I stand beside a once beautiful, but now dead basket of petunias that I overwatered. I was so focused on them not drying out in the heat that they became waterlogged and died.  Ed had great fun at my expense as he said, “It just proves you are a walking disaster, and everyone should stay clear of you.’’

Too Much Walking

11 Aug

Walking Until You’re Footsore is the Cost of Attending the Fair

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, told me that he went to Buffalo Days in Regina this summer. When we talked last, I told him that we were planning on going to the Chilliwack Fair here, but my right leg was demanding attention. It seemed to be protesting my daily biking and extra walking. It was more than a little sore, and I needed to coddle it. There was no walking at the fair this year for me.

My old neighbor had to point out at my age I should know better than to be biking every day. He admitted himself that after walking around the Exhibition for a day his feet and legs were sore. He made a day of the fair because he wanted to see the R.C.M.P Musical Ride evening grandstand show, and everything else he could take in. Apparently, he had never heard of Shawn Mendes, another headliner at Buffalo Days. Ed asked if I had heard of Shawn Mendes. Before, I could answer him he said that Shawn Mendes is another Justin Bieber type for teenagers. When I told him our fair had Platinum Blonde as a headliner, he asked if Platinum Blonde was a woman’s band. He knew better.

Biking City-Style

8 Aug

Bicycles Are Just a Nuisance and Annoyance to Real Drivers

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, had a few unkind words for me yesterday. I told him that I have been able to bike frequently here in Chilliwack. First Ave., our street is a wide with a good stretch of bike lanes along it. Following it, I can end up right out in the countryside. This time of year is perfect for biking because it is mainly hot, dry weather.

My old neighbor informed me that no time of year was good for biking. He says that people riding bikes on streets and roads are just a traffic accident in the making. For real drivers in cars and trucks, cyclists were a nuisance that shouldn’t be on the road. Ed continued by saying that all bike riders do was annoy and disturb everyone but themselves. He claimed that he hated bikers in big cities like Edmonton and Saskatoon with their bike lanes. There, cyclists act like they have as much right on the road as he has. I protested that bikers did have a right to be on the road. I also threw in that car, and truck drivers do more than their fair share of annoying and disturbing others also, so Ed changed the subject.