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Grumbling and Quarreling

17 Mar

A Split Verdict About Drinking

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, and I had another of our differences of opinion. It sure doesn’t take much to get us on opposite sides of the fence. People are good at disagreeing with each other and Ed, and I are living proof that it is a fact, not fiction.

This split began when I told Ed that my energy was still lagging and that I might drink a can or two of Red Bull every day to get myself moving like I was alive. I was kidding. 

Getting Caught

15 Mar

Getting Caught Is When Things Go From Bad To Worse

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, called yesterday to complain that his luck had deserted him last week. His foot was a little heavy on the gas pedal, and he got a ticket for speeding. His wife, Ruby, did the, “I told you so,” blame thing; which lead to cranky words and periods of strained silence which lasted the better part of the week. Last of all, at curling Ed, tripped on the hack and slipped and went down on the ice on one knee. He was disgusted when his teammates asked him if he needed glasses or to quit drinking.

Knowing Ed, was still grumpy and wanting sympathy, I tried to cheer him up with a story that I was reading when he called. I told Ed about Keith Schultz who made the news from Ridgecrest, California. The twenty-eight-year-old young man is very slim and planned to slide down the chimney of an upscale home. He intended to enter the house through the chimney so he could disarm the alarm system, and then let his fellow robbers into the house.

Tested by Temptation

2 Mar

Don’t Sit Near The Fire If Your Head Is Made Of Butter

“Sorry, we are off to church for service, I’ll call you tomorrow,” I promised Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan. He was less than understanding about our need to attend church on a Wednesday evening. I tried to explain that many folks attend church for Ash Wednesday.

In our conversation, the next day Ed asked, “So did you have ashes pasted on your forehead as a cross, last night at church?” I said that it was to remind me that I am sinful and mortal. Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent and leads Christians to Good Friday and, then the celebration of Easter Sunday. It is a time of repentance, voluntary fasting and self-denial for those who understand the power of temptation, sin and death for themselves and others. 


2 Mar

Are You Positive That Your Get-up-and-go Has Gone Away?

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, was acting like my therapist the last time we spoke. I told him that I was in a slump, that my get-up-and-go had gone somewhere else. He said, “I think you are just lazy with your mind set on becoming a couch-potato! Get off your duff and get going. It is all in your head; change your thinking from being on empty of energy to being full of it.”

Apparently, Ed is not alone in believing that the root of our problems is in our minds. Our thoughts may ruin the quality of our lives if we do not to take control of them. We are to change them if need be. I told Ed that most folks do not change their minds or thoughts quickly. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to think positive thoughts instead of negative ones. Ed responded, “Probably not with your doubtful attitude.”  

Impossible Job

20 Feb

It Is An Impossible Job To Do!

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, was using scripture to prove his point to me the last time we spoke. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is the right way to assure justice,” he told me. “In the good old days, if you were injured you could seek revenge against the person who committed the injury to you, and get your satisfaction,” he said.

I agreed with him that the Old Testament did allow for retaliation, but it did limit the revenge you could demand. You could only injure the other person as they had injured you thus; an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot. 

Voluntary Confinement

20 Feb

Getting Stuck In The Snow Is Not Voluntary Confinement

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, had a laugh at my expense when he heard we were snowbound again. Third time this winter our city has been shut down by massive amounts of snow. Even Vancouver on the coast an hour west of us has broken snowfall records that go back to 1948. “We have been under voluntary confinement at home, which is better than being stuck in snow or the ditch,’ I told Ed.

My old neighbor likes to hear me say, that Melville, is much better at snow plowing and snow removal than here in Chilliwack. Usually, there isn’t a need for snow removal here, but this year is proving it refuses to be an ordinary one. It is a record breaker and not in a right way, in my opinion, but the weather is above caring about what people think of it. It is next year country here in Chilliwack; next winter will surely be better than the present one when it comes to snowfall.