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21 Feb

Some Tests Can Bring a Person to Tears

Ed, my neighbor next door, was full of questions last week. He wanted to know why I wasn’t using, my snow blower rather than shoveling the snow. I told him that my snow blower needs a repair and won’t work until I fix it. My neighbor’s observation was that it was stupid to have a broken snow blower in the garage when it is now regularly snowing. I was to see that this was not nearly as important to Ed as me bringing a bunch of books into our house. That caused Ed to come over in panic on the pretext of needing coffee. “You haven’t changed your mind about moving have you?” he asked with anguish. Ed had seen me carrying books out of our house, as I have been donating books since our house went up for sale. Ed was a little calmer when he heard I was doing a college writing course online, and the books were reference reading. I have heard that men will cry in their beer, but when Ed heard that we had rejected a couple of offers to buy our house, he seemed to be crying in his coffee.

He claimed it was a little speck of something in his eye. I suggested that maybe Ed needed to pray in earnest that we would get an offer on our house we could accept. I then added that the only other answer was for him to buy our house, and rent it out. Then he would have his pick of neighbors next door. That brought a faint smile to his teary eyes.


15 Feb

Slipping, Sliding and Shoveling is Good News for Snowmobilers

Ed, my neighbor next door, was happy this past week because he wanted more snow for his snowmobiling, and he got it. While some of us did not want the slipping, sliding and shoveling that new snow falls bring, my neighbor was excited and happy. Ed’s love of winter has not been contagious in my case.

My neighbor cannot understand why everyone doesn’t appreciate winter. I tell him walking and driving are challenging in the winter. Ed forgets that if some of our seniors slip on ice or hard packed snow we will not get up without a sprain or a break. My neighbor needs to remember, that we old timers shatter like glass rather than bounce like a rubber ball. Shoveling snow can be a hazard to our health. For some seniors, winter is like a jail sentence because they are not able to be out and about in the snow and cold. Some folks even slip and slide into depression as one winter day gives way to another.


15 Feb

Jump like a Grasshopper to Get Your Curling Pass for a Tankard

Ed, my neighbor next door, was astonished to learn I didn’t have a pass bought for all the days of the 2015 Sask. Tel Tankard Men’s Curling Championship. I went on the Monday before the Tanker to buy a day’s pass. I found out that I could only get a day’s pass at the door, not ahead of time. My neighbor wasn’t impressed as he has a passion for curling that ranges between, a favorite sport to play, and fanatical fan who zealously watches curling events. He cautioned me that I was not serious enough about the curling event at Melville.

I told Ed how interesting I found it, to see, the Credit Union Center transformed into a top notch curling center for the championship. From the walking track each day, I was able to see the gradual conversion from a hockey to a curling facility. People were working with such enthusiasm that the excitement was contagious. Ed was disgusted with me as he said that the set up was not exciting, that it was just house-keeping. According to my neighbor, the real thrill is watching the curling teams in actions. I didn’t argue with Ed, as the excitement is in the games played, not the ice surface. When it comes to curling, I don’t have a lot to say because I am no authority. In fact, I’m sure Ed knows more about curling than I will ever know no matter how long I live.

Did You Hear?

27 Jan

Kids Today Are Better At Being Little Devils Than We Were!

Ed, my neighbor next door, has no time for talk of love and obedience from children. My neighbor says his parents expected him to try and get away as much stuff as possible. He was proud of being a little devil even though he regretted his punishments on some occasions.  Ed said he never expected his kids to be little angels, and they never disappointed him. “Knowing right from wrong makes no difference to kids or adults, the fun of life is getting away with what you are not suppose to do,” Ed told me yesterday.

My neighbor showed me a story about 11-year –old Alexis Waller of central Arkansas. He was so impressed with her story because Ed sees her as being a better little devil than he could ever claim to be. Alexis decided a few weeks ago that she wanted to see a boy in Florida that she had been in touch with for two years. The girl stole $10,000.00, from her grandmother’ sock drawer, and left home with the money in the middle of the night. After hitching a ride with a stranger to a gas station, she called a taxi. She told the driver she wanted to go to Florida and paid him $1,000.00 cash to start driving her there.


27 Jan

Mighty Tempting To Take A Winter Holiday But – Don’t Do It!

Ed, my neighbor next door, has dismissed the idea of going to Mexico, Arizona or any of the other winter holiday destinations. My neighbor after extensive snooping into travel prices has concluded that this is a year that everyone should stay home. According to Ed, it is too expensive for anyone to travel to warmer climates. I mentioned that I had talked to a lot of folks going to islands of the Caribbean and Mexico this year, so maybe, Ed missed some good prices for travel. My neighbor assured me that when it comes to finding the cost of stuff, no one can beat him. Ed told me that if something is too expensive in his opinion, then it is too expensive for everyone.

Ed may be certain that winter holiday travel is too expensive this year, but many people are still traveling for vacations, in spite of, what my neighbor thinks. Ed said that holiday travelers should be sorry for over spending this season. I doubt if the vacation travelers will see it that way, but once Ed gets his mind made up about something then dynamite will not change it. Once we have formed an opinion and made up our minds, we tend to be like Ed, in that, it takes powerful persuasion for us to change our minds. Changing in any way is easier said than done.


17 Jan

Others Aren’t As Surprised At Your Mistakes, As You Are.

Ed, my neighbor next door, told me yesterday that if I’m frustrated by making mistakes I may as well double my depression medicine right away. I told my neighbor that I had made more than my share of mistakes last week. Telling myself to smarten up hadn’t helped me make fewer mistakes either. It is hard to face the truth some days our mistakes keep showing up like bills we don’t want to see.

My neighbor said, “The reason many people make mistakes is because they do something stupid now and then.” He also explained that smartest folks never keep track of their mistakes or talk about them. Admitting to making mistakes is like having a sign around your neck that reads, “I cannot walk and hum a tune at the same time!” Ed cautioned that life is too short to focus on your mistakes. He added that there is something wrong with folks that talk about their mistakes. Everyone has already heard about them, so it is old news, or they’re under the delusion they don’t make mistakes very often. Our mistakes may surprise us, but others seldom are surprised at our mistakes, in fact, they, may be used to them.