Fear and Love

7 Aug

It Is Better To Be Feared Than To Be Loved

I told Ed that I was researching the relationship between fear and Love. I have the challenge to teach about fearing and loving God. We used to say fear, and love are meant to go together in our relationship with God. Today folks tend to fear many things and people but perhaps not God. Is the fear of God, labeled, a negative attitude now?

Ed, my old friend, said that it is better to be feared than to be loved. He believes that if you are feared people won’t take advantage of you, but they will if people love you. The question for me is this: “Does fear cancel out love, or love cancel out fear?” It seems to me that most of us have fears both slight and troubling in our minds. We may be reluctant to talk about them unless they seem to be normal among other people as well.

The Sound of Music

7 Aug

Who Picks The Music At Your Church?

“Nothing divides and unites people like music,” I told Ed my old neighbor from Saskatchewan. Summer always finds various Music Festivals in Saskatchewan. They make it easy for people to take in the music they want to hear. I was excited to hear Ed and Ruby had attended the Craven Country Jamboree this year.

Ed wanted me to understand that it was too expensive to be there for the whole time when I asked him if they got to hear: Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Chris Young or Clay Walker. “Probably,” was Ed’s answer which had me wondering what happened to Ed at the Jamboree.

More Than Enough Rules

24 Jul

Champion The Rules That Others Should Be Following

“I am all for the rules that do not disturb my life,” Ed my old neighbor from Saskatchewan said yesterday. “I like to bend the rules, make exceptions to them, and break them unless getting caught could be costly. I learned years ago not to expect, others to obey traffic rules, so I have to drive defensively because others are boneheads,” Ed told me yesterday.

I was amazed that Ed was so eager to share that he doesn’t like rules unless he makes them and is in favor of rules for others but not himself. Probably my old neighbor has many supporters when it comes to how folks feel about rules. We all tend to be okay with laws as long, as they don’t apply to ourselves. All rules make sense to the person who made them, and we tend to respect the rule that is for the common good. Laws have been called ‘fair, good, bad, and stupid.’

Hot and Hotter

24 Jul

Too Hot To Work, So Go, To The Swimming Pool

In our good old summertime here, it has been too hot to work or exercise, or sleep. Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, feels they have been having warmer weather in his province than we are here. I said if their weather is hotter than ours that he is welcome to it. The heat has been uncomfortable, in fact, it has been so hot that I installed my portable air conditioner in my bedroom to cool it off for sleeping.

Now I have the air conditioner running I know my power bill is climbing rapidly higher while the temperature in the bedroom slowly becomes lower. Ed said it costs too much money to stay cool with an air conditioner, and that I should just aim a fan at myself and be satisfied to sweat. I have been painting with a fan pointed in my direction, and it sure helps to keep me working. If the heat bothers us, we act to get some relief. Ed tells me that I should go to a swimming pool in our hot weather. Since I swim like a stone, I will confine my swimming to the shower and bathtub, but I think swimming pools are great for others.

Straight or Crooked?

24 Jul

It Is Easier To Power Wash Than Paint Walls And Ceilings.

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, got an ear full when he asked about my progress in painting rooms in our condo. I was wound up because, “In the bathroom, the edge of the white ceiling got overrun by the dark grey paint of the wall. It was a horrible sight. It was more like the work of vandalism rather than a painter. I used a painter’s tool to keep the two colors away from each other but without success. It worked well until I came to one wall where it was needed most.”

“Hold on,” Ed interrupted me, “You could have prevented the mess if you used painter’s tape. Next time, tape first and then you will smile when you are done. Throw your painter’s tool away, as you likely bought it at the dollar store!”

Long Weekend

4 Jul

For Retirees, Every Weekend Is A Long Weekend

“You retired people have a long weekend every week,” Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan told me yesterday. He was all geared up for celebrating the July 1st long weekend with his family in Edmonton. When Ed called, he and Ruby were driving to Edmonton. Ruby was driving, and Ed was trying out Ruby’s new smartphone. He was feeling very confident about her new phone, which he plans on borrowing often rather than getting his own.

I told Ed that long weekends come and go, and they are enjoyed best by those that have an extra day off work to relax and enjoy themselves. Retired folks do have every day to relax and enjoy without paying jobs. Ed has the idea that his future retirement will give him endlessly, days of self-indulgence, and joyful freedom.