Forgive Me

16 Sep

Forgiving Is A Lifetime Challenge, Few Want To Meet

“How many times do you expect me to forgive you?” Ed asked me. I had said to him, “Forgive me for saying this, but the Saskatchewan Roughriders need a good deal more fine tuning this season.” I had struck a nerve with Ed, and Ed himself will tell you that he is not a forgiving man beyond once. If he needs to forgive you more than once in a day, you’re just plain aggravating and don’t deserve his forgiveness.

My old neighbor says that the only time you forgive people is if you know that it will annoy them good.  As far as Ed is concerned, forgiveness is overrated and never changes what has happened one bit. He did not want to hear that when you forgive you change your future not the past. I suggested to Ed that forgiveness is giving up the lie that the past can be changed.


1 Sep

What You See As Pleasure, I See As Misery

I told Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, that one man’s pressure is another man’s pleasure. Repainting our kitchen cupboards on the outside and in the inside, was a labor of love for me. I was saving money by not putting in new cupboards. I enjoyed the sanding and painting, but painting is one of Ed’s least liked activities.

“Paint has a mind of its own, and it can run and drip and can appear where you never intended. To paint kitchen cupboards would be more than a big pressure on me – it would be misery,” Ed said.  


23 Aug

Don’t Think, Don’t Feel, Don’t Tell, Just Get On With Life

“Don’t tell me that you are still enjoying the drudgery of gardening? By this time of the year, you should be glad that frost may strike and start shutting your garden down.” Ed said when he called yesterday.

I told Ed that I don’t think about what might happen like frost coming early or late. At my age, it doesn’t pay to think or feel happy, sad, good or bad, because who would care anyway? I could tell my cat about what I find a drudgery, or I’m so happy that I could dance, but the cat would not be impressed and take his nap per usual.


23 Aug

Too Much Work Is As Bad As Too Much Play

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, phoned last week when I was on a ladder painting the top of the kitchen cupboards. The wife answered the phone and said that I was obsessed with painting the cupboards. Of course, Ed had to comment that there is no rest for wackos. When I got off the ladder and answered the phone, I told Ed, that I could not talk long as I had paint in the tray and the roller was screaming for attention.

“Some people can relax anytime; you cannot relax unless you are working. You won’t stop until you get your work done, and then you start another job. Nothing like retiring to work around the clock. Too much work is as bad as too much play. Get some balance in your life before you die,” my old neighbor scolded me.

More and Less

12 Aug

An Unwanted Blanket Of Smoke Has Us Tucked In Tight

“It is both day and night, that we keep smoking more and enjoying it less,” I told Ed when he called yesterday. Smoke from forest fires has spread to our area of our province, and it doesn’t want to leave us. With a wind change, we could have clear air again. As of today, we are starting our second week of smoky air and irritated eyes and throats here in Chilliwack.

Ed said that he would swap, crop destroying hail for our smokie air. I told Ed that I hope that we are never able to swap weather or control it because it would end up making things worse. Predicting the weather can be helpful and is the place to stop, for the weather people don’t deserve the blame for poor air quality or damaging hail.

Bend and Break

12 Aug

Is It Helping or Paying for Physical Torture?

“It is the dog days of summer here,” I told Ed, my old neighbor, when he called yesterday. The hottest most uncomfortable part of summer has hit us here in B.C. which I call the dog days of summer. In ancient times, the ‘Dog Days’ of summer were blamed for not only excessive heat but also for drought, sudden thunderstorms, fever, bad luck, war, and catastrophe.

“It has been my uncomfortable days, not only because of the heat, but because I have been taking physiotherapy on my knees. My physiotherapist doesn’t seem to understand that I am old. My fear is that he has not learned that if something is stiff and you bend it enough, it will break. My young and eager therapist has decided that my one knee is stiff and he is going to make it flexible in few sessions.