Hungry for 2019

19 Dec

What Meaning Will Your Life Have In 2019?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, has trimmed his New Year’s predictions down to the bare bones. “It used to be that I could sense what the next year would bring, but now the weather, politics, and events are just plain crazy,” Ed informed me. I tried to tell Ed that a few good predictions for 2019 were better than many.

My old neighbor honored me with his 2019 predictions since I won’t be at his New Year’s party where he proclaims his predictions like a famous clairvoyant. According to Ed, bullies will run the world in 2019. Russia in Europe, China in Asia, and Trump in North and South America. In Canada, smoke from cannabis will be as thick as forest fire smoke all year around. It will be the year of earthquakes, volcanoes, and grasshoppers. Grasshoppers will be as numerous as mosquitoes.  On a personal level, Ed feels that I will go on a trip to Asia or Africa in 2019. They will refuse to let me stay there long because I cannot stop sharing about Jesus being the Savior of sinners.

Christmas Then and Now

12 Dec

A Big Fuss Over A Baby Born In A Barn

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, says that Christmas is a big fuss over a baby born in a barn. The baby of the barn who was laid in the manager is worth a great bother.

A little more than 2000 years ago, a decree went out from Caesar Augustus for a census to be taken and the entire Roman World. At the time of the birth of Jesus, a huge part of the world was controlled or ruled by the Emperor of Rome.

Dark Side

5 Dec

Dark Side

Admitting That We Are Self-Centered Can Be Healthy

The Christmas season is intended to bring out the best in us, but a recent Christmas shopping excursion proved the opposite for me. I told Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan about my failure in common sense. Last week the wife and I drove to the neighboring city of Abbotsford so that, I could shop at the House of James. The House James is a Bible Book Store featuring religious books, movies, music, etc.

I went to the store armed with a recent catalog from their store full of things on sale. After a lengthy search and the aid of the staff, I got to the till with precisely what I came to buy. The cashier took my gift card, but it was not registering so I could not purchase what I had brought to the cash register.

Grey Cup on Ice

30 Nov

Start The Season A Month Earlier, So The Grey Cup Game Isn’t On The Ice

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, was disgusted with the slippery surface of the turf for this year’s Grey Cup Game at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. He had a twenty-dollar bet that the Redblacks would win the game, but he did not expect his team would be playing on ice. He was sure that everyone was cheated out of a great football game because both teams lacked traction on the icy field. Ed said that the players changed cleats several times, but they really needed to have skates.

Ed felt that it was time for the Canadian Football League to change their season so that the Grey Cup Game would be played the last Sunday in October not November. Everyone could handle football beginning a month earlier. I thought that Ed had a great idea. October weather could be less of an interference with the game. Changing the start and the end of the football season will not come quickly.

Gifts That Last

22 Nov

Gifts That Last Too Long Are Worse Than No Gift At All

I love to suggest gifts to other people for their Christmas gift giving. When you are not paying for the presents, it is easy to offer all sorts of possibilities for suitable gifts. Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, makes sure I know his price limit for his gift giving if I offer him gift suggestions. When I was a greeter at Walmart, I was aware of what items folks wanted to get for Christmas presents each year.

Each Christmas Season certain games or toys, gadgets, clothing items, etc. are a must have for under the Christmas tree. Some gifts are not meant to last long. A box of chocolates may not last twenty-four hours if it is passed around to share with others. Children are often thrilled with a new toy for about a week.

Low Gear

14 Nov

When Your Reality Changes, Stay Positive

“You have always had a habit of squawking about things that don’t matter,” Ed said yesterday. Everybody replaces a dead battery, doctors a sick pet if they have one, and has found an income source disappeared on them. You need to lighten up and keep smiling into a mirror until it cracks, and then get a new one and start smiling in it again.

He said that my attitude is warped by too much church attendance and prayer. He believes I have missed the truth that I’m not living in heaven, and that I am not God and cannot control what happens by praying. Life is often a pain in the butt, and I should know that by my age.