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4 Oct

Accept, Adapt, Learn, And Let Others Complain

“I am trying to have a right attitude for my first curling game this coming week,” I told Ed yesterday. He told me that the only frame of mind needed for curling is that you must win your game. I said maybe this would be the year I’ll have a winning attitude, but I have found that the opposing curling teams also always want to win. There is the need to face the challenge of great shots by the other side. The pressure is always on to adapt and learn to make even better-placed rocks than theirs. Being better than your competition isn’t a sure thing. Most of all, I must not complain about slow or fast ice. For an old guy like me, there are a lot of things to keep straight to have the right attitude in curling.

Ed asked me, “Have you heard how popular curling has become?” Before I could say I hadn’t heard, Ed said, “It is sweeping the nation?” Then he was able to get one more lame joke in before I could ask for mercy. Ed asked me, “What did one curling stone say to the other?” He answered again before me, “I won’t take you for granite.” Ed admitted his curling jokes have been around forever, but he felt I needed to hear them.


17 Sep

Angel Is Not A Word That I’m Often Called

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, called yesterday and most times when he calls, I’m searching for information about something, and I was then too. Ed believes by my age that I should say that, I don’t have any answers and I’m not looking for any. My old neighbor feels that once you have found information that you were looking for, no one wants to hear it anyway. He accused me of searching for information that, “No One Would Care About but Me!”

It just so happened that I was looking up information about St. Michael and All Angels as a Lesser Festival Day when Ed called. This Feast Day has been celebrated since the 12th Century on Sept. 29, which this year is on a Sunday. Ed asked, “Is that the day you put on wings, and they lift you in and out of the pulpit by a rope and pulley? Or is it the day, The Angel List, is hammered on the church door and congregational members see if their name is on it?” I told him to stop with his wisecracks. He admitted that an angel is one name he has never been called and not likely will be called by Ruby his wife.

Thundering Along

17 Sep

Let The Thunder Crash, Crack, Roll, And Peel

“Hurricanes bash, batter, battle, beat, wallop, pound, clobber and destroy whatever they pass over and through as perilous storms. Thankfully we do not experience them here at Chilliwack,” I told Ed yesterday. We did have a significant thunderstorm erupt after some rumbles of thunder last evening. At dark, the sky was illuminated with lightning, and then pet frightening; crashes, cracks, rolls, and peals of thunder and pouring rain developed. There was no ignoring this thunderstorm. Thankfully, no wind gusts like Hurricane Dorian displayed.

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, said that if we didn’t get hail, I shouldn’t even mention a typical thunderstorm. He noted that Hurricane Dorian is worth talking about because in the Bahamas it was too big and powerful to endure. With Dorian, folks needed to get out of the way and stay away until the storm was over.

For once I agreed with Ed and said, “You cannot ride out every storm

Good Stress

3 Sep

Slaying, Or Taming The Dragon Of Stress

“The kids are going back to school tomorrow, and their stress usually wears off after a couple of weeks,” I told Ed when he called yesterday which was Labor Day. It may take a few days to sort out bus pick up times, who has the right lunch pail, and a new teacher who may need taming or slaying with good behavior for at least a week. The stress of starting back to school for students generally changes to ordinary routines quickly.

Ed was quick to say that when he has retired like me the only stress, that he will have will be pulling fish into his boat. He assured me that it would be real grief to him if a fish gets away. I reminded him that if he is curling then, he will be distressed if his rock has a mind of its own and goes through the house.

Invited To Dinner

28 Aug

Who Is Providing Dinner?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, is very selective about picking a restaurant if he is paying to eat there. My former neighbor is not particular where he eats if he someone else is paying the bill.

Many of us like to eat out at restaurants and to be invited to be a dinner guest. Eating with family and friends can be a treat. The Bible often speaks about invitations to dinners, marriage meals, and banquets. The food is essential at Biblical meals but just as important is the fellowship when eating.


19 Aug

Why Do Happy Weddings Turn Into Miserable Marriages?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, wanted to hear about the wedding I officiated at yesterday. He asked, “Did the bride or groom faint? Did the groom act like he was having second thoughts?”

I told Ed, “They were young and in love. Both were confident as their wedding vows were exchanged. It was a simple service in the backyard of the groom’s grandfather’s home. A small group of relatives and friends were there to witness their marriage ceremony. It was very close to a perfect wedding, I thought, except their kiss was a little too long and passionate, but they sure enjoyed it.”

Ed had another question for me, “Was it a free bar or did people have to pay for their drinks?