Invited To Dinner

28 Aug

Who Is Providing Dinner?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, is very selective about picking a restaurant if he is paying to eat there. My former neighbor is not particular where he eats if he someone else is paying the bill.

Many of us like to eat out at restaurants and to be invited to be a dinner guest. Eating with family and friends can be a treat. The Bible often speaks about invitations to dinners, marriage meals, and banquets. The food is essential at Biblical meals but just as important is the fellowship when eating.


19 Aug

Why Do Happy Weddings Turn Into Miserable Marriages?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, wanted to hear about the wedding I officiated at yesterday. He asked, “Did the bride or groom faint? Did the groom act like he was having second thoughts?”

I told Ed, “They were young and in love. Both were confident as their wedding vows were exchanged. It was a simple service in the backyard of the groom’s grandfather’s home. A small group of relatives and friends were there to witness their marriage ceremony. It was very close to a perfect wedding, I thought, except their kiss was a little too long and passionate, but they sure enjoyed it.”

Ed had another question for me, “Was it a free bar or did people have to pay for their drinks?

Division A

15 Aug

Peace Can Replace Strife

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, believes that as a retiree, my life should be peaceful, comfortable, and relaxed. I asked him how peaceful can, I, be when old age means everything either dries up or leaks. I also said to him that old age is as relaxed as his golf game. When we used to play golf together, Ed could be both relaxed and like a thunderstorm.

Being peaceful, comfortable, and relaxed is only one side of life. The opposite side of peaceful is anxious, comfortable turned over is tense, and relaxed becomes uptight on its other side. Some folks stress only peace, but peace comes with its opposite side, division or strife. Absolute, total, perfect, peace without any strife will only be in heaven. There is strength in unity, but you cannot have unity without some diversity also present. Everything comes with an opposite or a shadow. A husband can be a great guy sometimes, and, a jerk at other times.

A Drink Of Water

15 Aug

Keep A Cool Mind In The Hot Weather

“It won’t take much more to get me hot under the collar,” I told Ed, my old neighbor, back in Saskatchewan, when he called yesterday. “The weather has been so hot here that our dog would melt if we had one,” I said.

My old neighbor said without compassion, “Better you folks fry eggs on the sidewalk than us.”

“We don’t need to,” I told him, “the hens are laying them fried. We have been forced into a close relationship with our air conditioners these days.”

The Other Guy

1 Aug

How Much Can I Prepare For Tomorrow?

Ed questions, “How can I best build today, so I’ll have lots for tomorrow?” As my old neighbor in Saskatchewan nears retirement, he has been considering how to make sure that he has ample when he has no work income. He wants to know what I and others get with the Canada Pension Plan and the Old Age Security?

He is skeptical when I tell him, “It is more than enough for some folks.”

“I’m not some folks,” Ed answers and adds; “When you are not retired; it sure looks like a pretty fine amount to count on every month.”

Life Lessons

26 Jul

Will You Live Your Life, As If, It Belongs To God?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, was not interested when I tried to tell him about a book that I am reading. The book that I’m reading is, ‘Life’s Greatest Lessons – 20 Things That Matter,’ by Hal Urban. Ed said that I don’t need to read that book because I read westerns and they teach all the lessons I need to learn about life.

He began listing the lessons taught by westerns. First: Love your horse and take good care of it. Second: Clean your gun and keep it loaded. Third: Get on the right side of the law. Fourth: Drink your whiskey straight. Five: The banker won’t give you a loan, or he will foreclose on your mortgage. Six: Cooks on trail drives can only cook beans and bacon.