Saskatchewan People Are The Best In Canada For Being Altruistic!

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, asked me, “So what are you talking about?” I had told Ed that according to a national survey from the Angus Reid Institute, that the highest percent of altruistic folks are found in Saskatchewan. Ed wasn’t sure what altruistic meant. I had to admit that I wasn’t in the habit of using the word myself.

The survey was about self-interest versus altruism. It asked people what is the best way to live life? Should we be more focused on: “Achieving our own dreams and happiness (self-interest); or Being concerned about helping others (altruism).” Altruism is an unselfish regard for the welfare of others. The survey indicated that Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia had the highest number of folks opting for self-fulfillment as the best way to live life. In the rest of the country, the majority opted for helping others with those from Saskatchewan being the most altruistic in the nation. 

Ed wondered who answered the survey in Saskatchewan as he said that he hasn’t run into many people who are more concerned about helping others, instead of, being about achieving their own success and happiness. I had to agree that not all folks are altruistic who claim they are. Self-interest is natural, but being unselfish towards others is not.

I asked Ed how he would answer the section of the survey which asks: “Which statement is closer to your personal view? People are fundamentally sinners and in need of salvation, or People are essentially good, and sin has been invented to control people.” My old neighbor said that it was dumb to say everyone is essentially good. The police forces, all over the world prove that people aren’t naturally good. Ed stated that people are neither essentially good or bad but capable on any given day of the best or the worst of behavior.

I told Ed it is great in my view if Saskatchewan people are the most altruistic in the nation. Ed said that it sounds like what you hear in Sunday School. I had to agree with him that being concerned about helping others does have a Christian foundation from Jesus.

Jesus told his disciples that anyone who wanted to become great among them must be willing to be the servant, and slave of all the others. Jesus said that he did not come as the Son of Man to be served but to give his life as a ransom for many. Jesus showed that he was obedient to accomplishing the will of his Father, even though, it cost his life. He was a living example of loving God his Father with all his heart, soul, and mind and loving his neighbor as himself. Jesus lived in concern for God his Father and with a desire to help others.

His happiness was not about living in self-interest, but blessing the dreams and happiness of others. The sick could only dream of healing until Jesus healed them. The lame walked, the blind gained their sight, the deaf could hear, and dumb could speak, because Jesus was focused helping others in their need. A self-interest approach to life may not bring happiness to anyone. The folks in Saskatchewan seem to know that.

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