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Bicycles Are Just a Nuisance and Annoyance to Real Drivers

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, had a few unkind words for me yesterday. I told him that I have been able to bike frequently here in Chilliwack. First Ave., our street is a wide with a good stretch of bike lanes along it. Following it, I can end up right out in the countryside. This time of year is perfect for biking because it is mainly hot, dry weather.

My old neighbor informed me that no time of year was good for biking. He says that people riding bikes on streets and roads are just a traffic accident in the making. For real drivers in cars and trucks, cyclists were a nuisance that shouldn’t be on the road. Ed continued by saying that all bike riders do was annoy and disturb everyone but themselves. He claimed that he hated bikers in big cities like Edmonton and Saskatoon with their bike lanes. There, cyclists act like they have as much right on the road as he has. I protested that bikers did have a right to be on the road. I also threw in that car, and truck drivers do more than their fair share of annoying and disturbing others also, so Ed changed the subject.

When my old neighbor talks to me, he loves to hit me with his opinion, and then run away when I have an opinion for him. Ed has a saying that everyone can have their opinion, but he has no reason to listen to any opinion that contradicts his own. He says that there is no point in wasting time on foolishness. It is not assuring to know that many folks are exactly like Ed wherever you go.

In the Bible, many rejected what Jesus said, as if, it was foolishness.  When Jesus taught on marriage and divorce, even his disciples said to him, “If this is the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry.” His disciples also considered little children as too young to be worthy of any attention from Jesus. The disciples did not realize that little children can naturally believe and trust completely. Often, adults would rather argue and demand when it came to dealing with Jesus. They had lost their childlike ability to believe and trust unconditionally. Jesus wanted to bless the children and pray for each of them because children were capable of total acceptance and trust of him.

In the nineteenth chapter of Mathew, a rich young man demanded of Jesus, “What good thing he should do to get eternal life?” The young man assured Jesus that he had not murdered, committed adultery, given false testimony. This same young man honored his parents and loved his neighbor as himself. Jesus told the young man that he needed to sell his possessions and give them to the poor, and then follow Jesus. The young man was unwilling to give away his great wealth to follow Jesus. Many believed that obtaining eternal life was a matter of obeying the commandments of God. They forget that they must be obeyed perfectly to earn eternal life. Only God is perfect. Believing and trusting in Jesus, the Son of God is the only way for imperfect people to get eternal life.

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