Labor Shortage: In Need Of Faithful Builders!

Volunteers are not always available to help out. Some jobs are beyond just one person. For example, building a house is a big undertaking for one individual. My old neighbor Ed says that helpers show up at church for the promise of food. And also, that friends show up to help with a project because you are supplying the beer. Helping others is not without its own price to pay. Some say, “Don’t be quick to volunteer, for it could turn out to be far more involved than it was supposed to be.”

God called Moses in the Old Testament to lead His people out of slavery in Egypt. Moses was reluctant to lead God’s people. He made excuses for why he was not suited to be God’s leader. Ultimately, Moses was convinced he was dealing with God, and he came forward to lead as God wanted as God wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Yes, it turned out to be far more challenging than Moses could have imagined. He found out not only was he to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land, but also God was having Moses build God’s people in a new house or body of believers in the power and supremacy of their God.

God’s people in Egypt had been enslaved so long and part of Egyptian culture for so many generations that many had trouble believing in the God of Moses and their ancestors. Nevertheless, they witnessed many miracles and were okay with God’s help and blessings, as Moses led them toward the Promised Land.

However, when food or water were scarce, they rebelled at listening to God and doing as God said through Moses. As a result, many Israelites never believed in God fully and faithfully. When things were not going well, the unbelievers would grumble and complain about God; when they were asked to follow God’s word, they would rebel and resist God because they did not trust Him.

As Moses was trying to build up the faith of God’s people as they traveled, many were intent on tearing down what Moses was trying to build up. They became hardened in their unbelief in God. They remained skeptical of God and impatient with God and the leadership of Moses.

Moses remained faithful to God’s household on earth. Moses realized that God builds his people and is the builder of everything. Moses faithfully worked to build God’s house facing much rebellion and testing from unbelievers. Many refused to believe; they were obstinate, they became more and more hardened in their unbelief.

God distinguishes between those who doubt Him and those who refuse to believe in Him. Doubt is honestly admitting being unable to believe presently, but doubt is still open to a change from uncertainty to belief at some future time. Therefore, no one can be forced into belief in God, and likewise, no one can be forced into unbelief.

God sent Jesus as the faithful head of His house and people. Jesus calls us to believe in Him in hope and courage. He invites us to find rest for our souls in our trust in Him. (Hebrews 3: 1-19) Unbelief definition: a good opinion of oneself and a bad opinion of God. (Horatius Bonar)

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