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Chocolate Easter Bunnies Are For Grandparents!

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, now has a stockpile of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies for his treat drawer at his Quonset. On their recent trip to Edmonton for Easter, Ed learned that the modern moms in his family restrict the amount of candy allowed their children.

Being generous and remembering the fun of Easter egg hunts for his own children, Ed had purchased a large number of chocolate eggs and bunnies for his grandchildren. His grandchildren were only allowed a minimum of both Easter treats, and Ed brought home a good supply for himself. Ruby gets a headache from eating chocolate, so Ed volunteered to eat the candy when he is working at the farm.

Sometimes as grandparents we do find ourselves out of step with how things are considered today. Limiting sugar consumption for children to reduce hyperactivity and tooth decay, are wise decisions. In years gone by, candy was an occasional treat. Candy at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween might be the primary extent of children’s candy.

Easter eggs have long been the symbol of the resurrection, the rebirth of life in that Jesus proved there is life after death. As the hard shell of an egg is broken by the chick so it can emerge from its shell, so the door to Jesus’ tomb was unsealed and opened so that Jesus alive from his death could leave his grave. Easters celebrate that we are children of a living God of rebirth and renewal of life.

A newborn chick must grow and become, first a chicken, and then a hen. It is born to live and mature. Christians are to become reborn and renewed children of God because of Jesus’ resurrection. As Jesus arose from the grave, and went forth to live and serve, at the right hand of God in heaven, we too are to go forth to live to God and serve Him here on earth until it is our time for heaven.

The Apostle John wrote his Epistle of 1 John when he was a senior or elderly person. In his letter, he has a pet name for Christians he calls us little children. For like a newborn chick we are always needing to be growing and maturing. New life is needful, so we can live to God our Father who has given us His Son Jesus Christ. We have seen the mind and heart of God in Jesus who loved us entirely with his death in our place on the cross. We are God’s beloved children because God has chosen to love through his love for all in Jesus.

A young chick is wise to follow its mother. It is the mother that shows it what and where to eat and drink. It is the mother that protects and guards. It is the mother that seeks the best for the chick. The growing and maturity of the chick are not in the mother’s care alone. When or if the chick ignores the guiding of the mother hen disaster can follow. There are lots of enemies to harm the chick when separated from the mother hen.

John calls us little children who always need to be growing with, beside and under God’s protective wings.

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