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It’s Never As Simple As A Matter Of Common Sense

I can understand that the present high heat of the summer wilts my tomato plants. They need more water as the daily temperature soars. I cannot understand Ed saying that I should just let my plants wilt and not water them. He believes that their roots will grow deeper in search of moisture, and they will be stronger in the long run if I do not water them daily. I believe if I don’t water my tomatoes, they will die before their roots find moisture. Since the weather forecast is for a week of hot, dry, weather my common sense is to water my tomatoes each day until it cools off or rains again.

Amazingly, what I see as common sense may not be all that sensible to others. As a husband, it is baffling to find my wife pronouncing to me, “That doesn’t make any sense.” My answer of course, is that it makes perfect sense to me. There seems to be a very slippery slope between common sense and its rejection by others as plain foolishness.

As I write this, it seems to me, common sense for people to wear a face mask in public areas. Others reject the suggestion that they need to wear a mask for their own sake and to protect others. Here in BC, we are not forced to wear a face mask; it is a voluntary action. In the Philippines, where my daughter lives, the rule is strictly enforced in stores: no mask – no service.

The Bible doesn’t refer to wearing a face mask. It does speak of the wearing of a veil or a face covering. In Genesis 24:65, Rebekah covered her face with a veil because Isaac was walking toward them to greet them. Her veil indicated that she was unmarried. The Old Testament has women covering and uncovering their faces with veils. It was part of their culture and lifestyle.

Moses had no problem wearing a veil when the people became afraid of him. When Moses was in the presence of the Lord receiving the Ten Commandments, his face became radiant. When he came to his people with the tablets, the people were afraid to go near him because of his radiant face. He had to call them to come near him. He did not realize his face was so bright that they were afraid of him. Once he realized that speaking with the Lord resulted in his face becoming dazzling, he put a veil over his face before the people. If he was talking to the Lord, Moses took the veil off. (Exodus 34:330) Moses covered his face for the benefit of his people.

The face mask that we are asked to wear because of Covid 19 is a protective mask covering the nose and mouth to prevent the spread of the Covid virus. Protective face masks such as gas masks, fencing masks, surgical masks, and safety goggles have been worn for years as they are needed. Better safe than sorry makes good sense to many folks. Better to be healthy than sick. Better not to give the virus to others, especially a loved one. For many, these statements will seem like common sense. For just as many or more, they won’t.

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