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Black Coffee Is The Key To Weight Loss

Yesterday, when Ed called, I was making myself a coffee. My old neighbor shared they were back (Jan. 4) from visiting family in Edmonton for the holidays. He said his daughter is beginning Weight Watchers in January to help her lose weight in 2020. Ed was not impressed because it was going to cost his daughter money to help her lose weight. Ed was sure he could have her lose pounds and keep her money. He offered to stay one month longer at his daughter’s house and put her on a diet of black coffee and his cooking. Black coffee, according to Ed, will keep the pounds off because the more black coffee you drink, the less you will want to eat.

Knowing the few things that Ed cooks, I said that if Ed cooked for his daughter, that might be close to child abuse. I asked him, “Would she be on a circular diet of instant oatmeal for breakfast, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, three slices of fried bologna or baloney with a boiled potato or two for supper? I assume the second day of the diet would be one or two hard-boiled eggs with toast for breakfast, cheese slice sandwich for lunch, and scrambled eggs and a baked potato in the microwave for supper. Diet snacks would be microwave popcorn, or an apple with all the black coffee wanted, or water to drink each day. This rotating diet reflects what you used to be your cooking when Ruby was away.”

“That was pretty much what I had in mind for her diet, but my daughter opted for Weight Watchers, assuring me she could afford its cost,” Ed said.

I told Ed not to feel bad because people are fussy about what they eat even if they are on a diet.

In the Bible, God’s people grumbled because they lacked the food they were accustomed to in Egypt. The Lord provided the Israelites with manna or bread from heaven each day except the Sabbath. The manna was like a wafer of bread for the people to collect for food each morning. God was providing food for them in their travel through the desert, but they still complained.

I informed Ed that in 2020 that I am sure it will be a good year and that I could become rich and famous, but if I become so, I will still be a good friend. Ed said that would be a welcome change. In every year, we all treasure those that we see as a good friend. A good friend is there to help, to support, to walk with us, or cook for us, show us what matters most: that we are not alone or forgotten A good friend helps us see that though we do not have what we once had, we have what we need for now.

God waits to be your good friend in 2020. He is ready to help you. He says, “Do not fear.” (Isa. 44:2) “I will come to you and bless you.” (Ex. 20:24) “Let my word direct your footsteps.” (Ps. 119:133) “What is impossible for you is possible for me.” (Luke 18:27) “I am God in heaven and on earth. There is no other.” (Deut. 4:39)

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