Are Destructive Habits And Devouring Addictions Sprouted From Harmless Desires?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, says that it looks like the big cash crop of the future will be growing marijuana. He thinks the fields of canola, grains, beans, hay, etc. in his breadbasket province will give way to supplying Canadian smokers of pot. Ed sees that it will become a real problem in twenty years because by then we will be a nation of, ‘Dope Heads.’ He sees it destroying his beloved hockey, the heart, and soul of Canada and Canadians from coast to coast.

I had to ask Ed, “How will that be so?” The hockey players will no longer be fast skating and hard hitting, but cool and relaxed and full of peace. Games will take a day to play because teams in the dressing rooms between periods will not be able to return to the ice until every player there has finished his weed, grass, herb, joint, reefer, cannabis, hay, rope or Mary Jane. Ed said that it stands to reason that if many drunks get mean and fight; marijuana smokers will get relaxed and chilled and insist the goalie come out of the net, and let the other team get as many goals as they want.

I do believe the legalization of marijuana will tempt many folks to use it. Those that try it may or may not form a habit of using it. It may or may not increase their desire for stronger drugs. One thing that cannot be denied is that like alcohol it does have an impact on one’s perception and judgment. Drunk drivers do kill innocent people way too often. Most of us have not always made the wisest decision or had flawless perception when we were stone cold sober. Why invite dangerous or faulty perceptions and judgments under the influence of marijuana or alcohol?

Temptations come to us through open doors because we have a desire for both what is wise and unwise. We think we know what is okay for us and what isn’t.  For all of us, there exists a bait we cannot resist swallowing. Everyone has his own baited fishhook. One gets hooked on greed, another on drugs, the next lust, etc. Temptations to do what is good for us and others come from God. Temptations to destroy us and others come from the devil. We are always playing a hockey game in our life between good and evil. Many do not mind playing on the devil’s side until they realize they are owned by what is destroying them and others.

Temptation is choosing between good and evil. Christians are tempted to be satisfied with their daily bread or unsatisfied and strive for more than enough. Christians may be tempted to think they are okay ignoring the truth they have a sinful nature and that no one is sinless before God. Those with faith in Christ also need to repent their sins. In Lent, Christians dwell on the love of God in Jesus Christ that cut through temptation, sin and death. Jesus is the heart of God’s good gifts to us. He who knew no sin became a sacrifice for our sins on the cross that we could be forgiven and restored in God’s sight. Let it be so!

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