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Celebrate Halloween By Eating The Treats Yourself

“It is a pretty sad world when people don’t pass out treats to kids on Halloween,” Ed informed me. He was referring to our condo building, which is for over-the-hill folks. We live in a childless building unless you count some who are childish in their senior moments. Ed is right, Halloween is not celebrated here, not even one decoration goes up.

Moving here, I missed sampling the candy and chips for the trick or treaters. I also missed eating the left-over treats. This year I was done with turning my back on Halloween. I bought the tiny chocolate bars and the small bags of chips, and have them in a big treat dish. Halloween will last about a week here I hope, if I eat a few treats each day in honor of Halloween.

I believe that giving is God-pleasing when it comes to giving treats to children on Halloween. It can be fun for both the giver and those receiving the treats. Safety of children on the streets after dark is essential. In the excitement of going door to door, it is imperative that no child gets left behind or separated or lost.

A nineteen-year-old at an Indiana University got lost but not on Halloween but in what might have been worse than a Halloween haunted house. Lukas Cavar went with 12 other members of his University’s Caving Club to explore the Sullivan Cave a few miles from his University. It was a Saturday trip.

Somehow, someway, Lukas Cavar wasn’t missed when the others in the Caving Club got in their vehicles and were ready to leave the cave Saturday. They locked the gate in and out of the cave and returned to school.  Lukas was locked in the cave. His cell phone did not have a signal in there. Saturday night, Sunday, Sunday night, Monday, Monday night Lukas was a prisoner of the cave. He licked water off the walls of the cave to stay hydrated. Lukas fought off panic attacks and wrestled with the bleak probability he would die in that cave as no one in the club had missed him.

It was true no one in the club missed him; it was only when his parents filed a missing person’s report with the school that inquiries at the school alerted members of the club that they knew a Lukas Cavar and that maybe he had been left behind in the cave. Tuesday, he was rescued from the Cave by members of his Club after being in the cave 60 plus hours.

Lukas was thankful to get out of the cave alive. The Caving Club was in trouble with the University for having ignored safety rules for cave exploration. Lukas Cavar came back to school with a new attitude. “I am really glad to be alive. It feels like I’ve been given a second chance.”

For many children, Halloween is a gift of fun, another chance to collect treats. For us, as adults, it is important to make sure all children are safe as they receive their treats. As Christians, we know that God does not forget about us so we would not forget about the safety of others around us. Thankfully, God never forgets us, when others have forgotten us.

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