Jump like a Grasshopper to Get Your Curling Pass for a Tankard

Ed, my neighbor next door, was astonished to learn I didn’t have a pass bought for all the days of the 2015 Sask. Tel Tankard Men’s Curling Championship. I went on the Monday before the Tanker to buy a day’s pass. I found out that I could only get a day’s pass at the door, not ahead of time. My neighbor wasn’t impressed as he has a passion for curling that ranges between, a favorite sport to play, and fanatical fan who zealously watches curling events. He cautioned me that I was not serious enough about the curling event at Melville.

I told Ed how interesting I found it, to see, the Credit Union Center transformed into a top notch curling center for the championship. From the walking track each day, I was able to see the gradual conversion from a hockey to a curling facility. People were working with such enthusiasm that the excitement was contagious. Ed was disgusted with me as he said that the set up was not exciting, that it was just house-keeping. According to my neighbor, the real thrill is watching the curling teams in actions. I didn’t argue with Ed, as the excitement is in the games played, not the ice surface. When it comes to curling, I don’t have a lot to say because I am no authority. In fact, I’m sure Ed knows more about curling than I will ever know no matter how long I live.

The Bible is the authority that enables us to know about God. Many make up their idea of God as they see fit. No one feels they have the right to make up a sport as they chose. To understand curling, you need to watch it, play it, know the rules that govern the sport, how you score it and a multitude of other details. When it is a team sport, one must carefully consider the role of each player. Most would agree you have to give a sport a fair chance before you decide if you like it or not. A sport may seem too challenging, above your interests or abilities. Some don’t want to share their victory with teammates. Those who are willing to give the Bible, a fair chance, will find God much greater than they imagine. The Bible makes it clear that God is both complete power and compassion. God’s power is clear in the creation, and his compassion is fully evident in Jesus Christ his Son.

God is not an invention of our thoughts. According to the Bible, God is almighty, eternal and omniscient, and we are like grasshoppers before Him. God is the best, and above everyone, and everything, beyond whom we are and what we can do. He can become involved, present as a fellow team member seeking for our best game, ever contributing to our victories in life, now and forever. The Bible speaks of it this way, “The Lord stretches out the heavens like a canopy, as the everlasting God, the Creator, his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak as they hope in Him.” The Bible shows the true reality of God!

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