Somebody Needs To Look After Me!

Every day accidents happen, but don’t blame the guardian angels present for not preventing them. Any accident might have been much worse without the quick action of guardian angels. You can tell that I am a firm believer in guardian angels. By this stage of my life, my guardian angel knows me inside and out and my arthritic hands. Last week my guardian angel, once more, made one of my accidents a blessing in stead of physical pain.

I was whipping up supper when my accident occurred. First of all, I had a casserole of hash-brown, frozen potatoes, combined with hamburger, cheese-whiz, mushroom soup, and sour cream baking and bubbling away in the oven. I went to put a tray of vegetables in the oven to roast. I had on an oven mitt and had a hold of the hot bubbling casserole dish in one hand and was putting the tray in the oven with the other hand. I had pulled the casserole out of the oven to make room for the pan of vegetables that I was inserting in the oven. I lost my grip on the casserole dish, and it hit the floor with a big bang beside me.

Half of the casserole went spraying in the air. Some hit spots on the floor, but most of it splattered in blotches, on the freezer, cupboard, and three walls across the kitchen. It was a nightmare of globes of casserole. It took a long time to clean up that kitchen. Later I realized that the casserole had not sprayed on me. If it had of covered me, I would have been burned badly. Not a drop of casserole landed on me. My wife is used to me dropping things. She admitted that this time I had managed dropping an exploding bomb. It was not my proudest moment!

Ed, my old neighbor, does not believe in people having a guardian angel. I told Ed that I had overworked my guardian angel for years. He thinks someone needs to look after me, but not even an angel, could put up with me for a lifetime. Some of us do believe that a guardian angel sent from God walks with us to surround us with wings of love.

For sure, the Bible speaks of angels as messengers from God and of guardian angels protecting us. Psalm 91 says, “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most.

High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.” If we believe in God as our shelter, refuge, or fortress, He works with and through our guardian angels to faithfully cover and deliver us from evil.  God is set on shielding and protecting those who trust him in love. We can ignore or reject God, but if we dwell or live in Him, like a mother hen who covers her chicks under her wings, God covers us from all that would trap and harm us. God commands his angels concerning us to guard us in our ways. When we love God, He uses our guardian angels, to deliver us, and set us securely above destruction. He will answer our prayers for help, rescue us from trouble, honor us in life, and satisfy us with salvation. Read Psalm 91 for proof.

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