I’ve Had Enough

It’s So Hot I Cannot Even Keep My Mind Cool

I phoned Ed today when we hit 44 C. It has been the hottest day I have ever encountered in my long life. It is to hit 45 C tomorrow. Every day we have been having in our heatwave seems longer than the next. I told Ed that one should keep a cool mind in hot weather, and in cold weather, one should keep warm thoughts. I confessed to Ed the only coolness I could find today was almost sitting on top of our struggling air conditioner.

I knew Ed wouldn’t cut me much sympathy. He questioned me: “Was the sun shining? Was the breeze blowing? Were the birds singing? Was the lawnmower broken? When I answered that yes, the sun was shining, yes, the breeze was blowing, Ed said, “That sounds good.” When I answered that the birds were hardly singing and the lawnmower may as well be broken, Ed said, “Almost a perfect day.

Hot weather can make a fellow a shade irritable, so I said a bit crossly, “The sun wasn’t just shining; it was scorching. The blowing breeze was sunburning exposed skin. The birds were searching for water rather than singing. The lawnmower, if started, would make the sound of a freight train in the heavy humid air.

Ed said to me, “Well, it seems that you have had enough hot weather already, and the summer is just starting. You better adjust your attitude; besides, if you don’t make it to heaven, you are learning what the other place feels like.”

Sensing I was still not in a cool and rational frame of mind, Ed said, “I’m sure you are right; it was too hot to handle in Chilliwack today. The weather is like the government; it is always wrong. Cheer up. I dare say hell is hotter than 45C. I agreed that Ed might have a valid point about hell’s hotness.

I am not the only person to find the weather or other circumstances in life too much to handle. The Bible speaks of the prophet Elijah when he had enough. Things had become too hot for Elijah to handle in that Queen Jezebel had sent a death threat to him. In fear, the prophet fled for his life. As he was fleeing for his life, he became discouraged, and Elijah sat down under a broom tree and prayed that he might die. He prayed, “I have had enough, Lord, take my life.” (1 Kings 19:4)

After his prayer, he fell asleep. An angel came twice to Elijah, bringing him food and water. The angel understood Elijah’s journey was too much for him, and the food and water would strengthen him for his journey. It did strengthen the prophet, and he was able to travel on forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb, the mountain of God. There Elijah went into a cave, and there he met God in a whisper. (1Kings 19:5-9)

There was nothing pretentious or pious about a fleeing, frightened, frazzled Elijah. When we honestly admit we cannot handle our lives and things are out of our control, God is ready and willing to help us when we seek Him. He especially strengthens the frazzled and burnt out.

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