Lock the Doors and Get a Guard Dog!

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, was critical of the endless amount of crime that takes place everywhere, today. I was telling him that thieves struck our condo building three times, stealing the front door security cameras. Thankfully, we were able to determine how the thieves were so successfully robbing us. We put an end to it, for now, but crime never sleeps. Ed was sure we could have stopped it sooner if we had obtained a guard dog for our front lobby.

Do locks only keep out honest people? Professional thieves knew how to drill through an entry lock to our building in seconds. Now we have a lock that cannot be drilled out by robbers. I agree with Ed that guard dogs are a very effective deterrent, but robbers have also poisoned and killed guard dogs in their determination to steal.

The best defense against robbery is for all of us to act as honest people. There are those who willingly steal and cheat, but I can add to the number of honorable people in this world. I have never met anyone who wanted their money or possessions stolen. I can set my attitude and actions on being honest, and unwilling to steal or cheat others. There is a basic safety in our willingness to treat others as we would want them to treat us. Locked doors are a necessary added security, from those who deprive others of their possessions, even though they do not want to be robbed.

After the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus, his disciples and other followers were frightened for their safety. On the first day of the week after Jesus’ death, they met behind locked doors. But Jesus came among them to show them that he was alive from the dead. He showed them his hands and side and said to them, “Peace be with you.” Twice Jesus said, “Peace be with you,” because in spite of their fear and confusion, he invited them to have peace of mind and heart in his presence with them. There is the peace that Jesus offers as a gift that the world cannot give. It is a promise that says remember that I’m not dead but alive and for you so that your hearts do not need to be troubled and afraid.

Trouble in our lives robs us of our peace of mind and heart. We can feel like an orphan that we are on our own with no one to love, protect or help us. Problems have a way of locking us in situations that ruin what we have had. Some troubles can also leave us with little hope for the present or the future. When Jesus was crucified and buried in a tomb, it seemed to his disciples that not only was his life and ministry over, but everything he was and taught and did was destroyed.

We do things to give ourselves peace of mind and heart. We put on the best locks possible on our doors. We may even have guard dogs to discourage determined thieves, but security is greater than our best efforts. Christ alone gives enduring peace of mind and heart.

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