Less Is More

Having Many Tickets Is No Guarantee, Only One Ticket Wins The Lottery

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, was not interested in hearing about my watercolor lessons. “No one cares about light and shadow, mixing colors and changing color intensity, except you and the other old geezers playing with paint in your class,” Ed said. “The rest of the world takes a picture with their camera or cell phone, instead of, wasting their time on drawing and painting lessons. Waste less time by using a camera with better results” was Ed’s conclusion.

One of the emphases in the art lessons, I have been taking is the idea that less is more. Leaving blank spaces, not filling in the whole subject with color is a hard thing to do. I am kind of stuck on the idea that more is better than less in many instances. Wouldn’t you agree more money would seem better than less money? More food to eat beats less food? More sleep rather than less sleep is appealing? I would rather have more time to do something than less time.

Less is not so easy to accomplish for me. Less snacking, reaching less weight on the scales instead of more, getting along on less money, and less sleep, and with less time stresses me out. I believe most folks want more family for holiday dinner. You would expect lots of people for a special banquet not less. If you respond to a wedding dinner reception, it is supposed you will show up; if you say you are coming, don’t stay home when the reception day arrives.

Most of us would be honored to be invited to a banquet of our queen. If we accepted the invitation, we would be instructed on appropriate speech, dress and conduct in the queen’s presence. Who would ignore such an invitation? Only those who had no respect for the queen. Only those who were opposed to her position and authority. Only those not worthy of the honor bestowed on them by their invitation.

Jesus told those who opposed him and denied his authority as the Messiah or Son of God, that many are called, but only a few are chosen. The religious leaders saw power and security in themselves. Jesus and his disciples were few, and his enemies dismissed and ignored Jesus; until they saw his authority among the people as something that threatened themselves, and then Jesus needed to be destroyed.

God invites us to himself through his Son, Jesus Christ. He invited his people the Jews to himself through acceptance of the person and miracles of Jesus, but only a few of the many became one with God through Jesus. The good news of an invitation to fellowship with God through faith in Jesus went out to all peoples of the world both good and bad after his death. God’s call to come to him and his Son is for all, but only a few may answer the invitation. Many feel they do not need to come near to God and bow to his presence and authority of love. Many pay no attention to God and have little use for those who do. God’s invitation to be with him, always stands for whoever will accept it.

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