When You’re Drowning, It’s Too Late For Swimming Lessons

Ed, my neighbor next door, heard I’m trying to improve my brain health, and he is certain that it’s too little, too late on my part. My neighbor learned that I had signed on to Lumosity. It is a website where you play games that are improving your brain health as you play their games. The games are designed to improve your brain’s level of attention, memory, flexibility, problem-solving, and speed. The games come from Neuroscience research that encourages stimulation games/activities to challenge the brain to create new neural pathways or reorganize existing ones. These games, hopefully, result in improved health and cognitive training in your brain.

Ed said it this way, “You’re playing silly games on your computer to keep yourself from becoming more and more brain dead.” I said that is pretty much it; growing older doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be smarter than you have ever been. It is pretty common for brains to slow down and backfire as we get older.

Of course, Ed had to ask if my wife has found that I’m brighter since doing Lumosity games. I said that neither of us has noticed a big leap forward so far. We do both believe in miracles, so we aren’t counting the Lumosity games out yet. Ed thought that I might have paid to try Lumosity to find out it makes me dumber instead of brighter. He wanted to know if that has occurred with others. I just couldn’t give him an answer because I don’t know.  Ed’s final comment was, “This Lumosity thing is a waste of your money as it’s, too late for swimming lessons when you’re drowning!”

When it comes to brain health, it seems that, Herod the Great, lacked flexibility in his problem-solving skills. Herod was ruler in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. Herod proved that he had a powerful accuracy at killing anyone who could threaten him as the ruler. History indicates that Herod spent his entire rule eliminating any person that he considered a threat. He had three of his sons executed and a host of other folks.

Herod sent soldiers to Bethlehem to kill all male children two years old and under, to snuff out the baby born King of the Jews there. Herod had been alerted to a baby born king of the Jews, by Magi from the east who were searching for the baby to pay him honor. Herod asked them to come back and tell him where the child was in Bethlehem so that he could also worship him. Herod intended to kill the baby, and when the Magi did not return to tell him where the baby was in Jerusalem, he had all the babies there killed. Thankfully, Joseph had already taken the baby and his mother to Egypt. God alerted Joseph about the slaughter of babies that Herod was planning. The slaughter of innocent children is part of the Christmas story. Herod used his power and position to murder without regret. God sent his Son born of Mary at Bethlehem to help people, by giving his life for them. God showed flexibility with Jesus to solve the problem of our sinfulness, instead of our execution as guilty sinners.

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