Good News May Not Be Nearly As Good As It First Seemed

Ed, my neighbor next door, was so preoccupied with his harvest last week that he missed, a real estate for sale sign that went up in our front yard. When he saw it after several days, he grew a smile from ear to ear. He rushed over to ask me when we were moving. His smile began to fade when I said that, it depends on when our house sells. His smile dried up altogether when I said that sometimes it takes months, even a year or two to sell a house. He did get a slight grin when I assured him we would move for sure when the house sells. He lost his grin when I said we could be here a year or two if our house sells slowly.

“Don’t ask too much for it, and it will sell fast,” my neighbor told me. I told him I had to get what we consider enough for it or we won’t sell it. Ed felt that was only going to complicate things, and it would not lead to a quick sale. “The price has to be right just as it is on the television show,” I informed Ed. I explained that when you want to sell your house you cannot get as much for it as you would like. When you want to buy a house, it will be more than you want to pay. My neighbor said that the price is seldom right for grain and that it would be better for me to take less for my house so I could move.     

I explained that we did not have to move by any particular date, so we are prepared to be patient for as long as it takes. Ed said that being patient was okay as long as I don’t change my mind about moving. I told him I would do my best not to change my mind. He left shaking his head as if he was unconvinced.

They say that real estate sales are not like fast food sales. They also say that there is no fast food Christianity. God is not on our time table. Although there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven, God is in control of time. We do not control our time of birth or death, or how long we weep or laugh. God acts according to his timing of events. His promised Savior, although long pledged, came at God’s set time. It was at the right time, when we were still powerless that Christ died for the ungodly. We see time and events as having a beginning and an end, while God is eternal without beginning or end. Thankfully, He is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. His kindness, forbearance and patience are meant to lead us to repentance.

Often we get impatient with others, circumstances and even ourselves because we are not able to tolerate how long someone or something is taking. Timing is important for we must respond to God’s speed. We may want the right things but at the wrong time. Our moving or staying are according to God’s timing not our timetable.

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