Name and Blame

God Is Not Spiraling Out Of Control

My old neighbor in Saskatchewan says, “At an election time there are always two points of view. Things have never been so bad, or things have never been so good, depending on which political, point of view suits you.”

I agree with Ed in that, at election time, folks tend to name it and blame it or name it and claim it. Some promise a balanced budget, while others are not afraid of deficits. It is the time one can be for or against endless issues. Elections always seem to heighten the feeling that things may be spiraling out of control. Even when the election is all said and done, some will be anxious and discouraged about the results.

Do Christians get caught up in the taking of sides in politics? Are we too ready to pick our favorites, and maybe too prone to ignore God, as if He is indifferent who holds leadership among us? We speak of good government, freedom of speech, and religion as if they are the result of people rather than God. Do we want as much fairness and equality for ourselves as we do for others?  Do we believe that one leader or party can achieve everything we want and put an end to what we don’t want? Do we feel things will turn out okay even when we don’t get what we desire in election results or life in general?

Maybe, we as Christians need to speak less and act as if we know the truth that God is not spiraling out of control no matter what happens around us or to us. It is God who is our present help in life, which includes election times. In Psalm 46:10, God tells us, “To be still and know that I am God.” In days of political debates, party policy announcements, and accusations, it is right if we keep still and focus on our God, who is always in charge of our lives and our nation.

When we stop talking, blaming, or claiming and become still before God, he can give us his words of wisdom. At election times, we may be prone to listen to what we want to hear from political candidates. Issues are never merely one-sided. God does not always tell us what we want to hear, but what we need to know that we might grow in wisdom beyond our own opinions. Solomon recognized how difficult it is to govern a nation. He asked for wisdom to be able to rule God’s people wisely. Those elected to office need our prayers for God-given wisdom to rule our country. God answers prayers, not criticism.

We are called to set God’s word into motion. We are to be still and secure in the truth that God is our Lord, and King able to deal with our troubles. It is God who directs our paths, and upon him, we cast our anxieties for he cares for us and acts on our behalf. We wait quietly and confidently in our God, for He is a God of love, goodness, justice, mercy, wisdom, and absolute power. We lift, up, our hands in prayer without anger or disputing for everyone, especially for those in elected authority.

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