Narrow Door

You Know Us. We Ate And Drank With You

People we haven’t seen for a while don’t always remember us. Some won’t remember us because we never mattered to them when they did know us. Others do gladly remember us or regret seeing us once again. So do we ignore, forget, and even reject others until we find we need them? Then they may shun, forget, or even reject us.

In hindsight, we often realize we missed the opportunity to get to know another person because of what we failed to do. Today at church, I told Ed we had three visitors to meet and welcome. I forgot to wear my hearing aids and could not connect with the visitor from Egypt because I couldn’t hear him. It was all my fault. I do not wear my hearing aids much, and I only wear them to church once every four Sundays. Ed said that I’m not eager to hear the sermon, and I’m the one who needs it desperately.

In Luke 13: 23, one of the people listening to Jesus preach asked Him, “Lord are only a few people going to be saved? Jesus answered the question this way, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.” While the door is open, get through the narrow doorway, meaning only one person can get through it at a time. Get through the door while you are able.

Jesus tells his listeners that once the door is shut, people will stand outside and knock, but the house owner will say I don’t know you or from where you come. Those standing outside will plead, but we ate and drank with you when you taught among us. But they are not granted entry and are sent away.

Most of us have had the unpleasant experience of being locked out of our car or house. However, some Christians have the attitude they cannot be locked out of heaven. They are confident they are a shoo-in to enter heaven. Some are lukewarm and so relaxed about their relationship with God that it is hard to identify them from the folks who take pride in having no fear of hell.

Entering the narrow door to an authentic relationship with Jesus has a time limit. From the time we are born, the door to God is closing. At any time, death may shut the door to our lives. Some lives are short, some long, and some end at various lengths. Our eternal future at death will hinge on our spiritual relationship forged with Christ during our lives. If Jesus returns today from heaven to judge the living and the dead, are you prepared? Consider (Luke 13: 22-30).

Many knew of Jesus but did not bother to try to go through the door of knowing and trusting Him fully. In the Old Testament, the earth became corrupt and full of violence and wickedness, where hearts were continuously evil. So, God had Noah build an ark, and people could see the huge ark being constructed for a flood, but they did not repent until the rain started. They drown because the ark’s door was shut. Time is fleeting be decisive concerning your relationship with God.

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