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Never Give Up On What Is Good In 2019

In discussing the past holiday season with Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, I confessed that I never gave up eating all the treats that were available. It is incredible that I can be so eager to eat all the food I should bypass.  Ed said the answer is to never start on the junk food, chocolates, special baking, etc. Never is a tough word to obey.

I have heard that I should never snack in the evening, but I keep snacking like a starving man until I go to bed. A friend snacks in bed. I have never done that yet, but I will not say I never will. I seem to be too often on the wrong side of never.

Joyce Meyer in her book, ‘Never Give Up’ writes: “John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, was often asked not to return to churches after preaching in them once. When he preached on the streets, townspeople kicked him out. When he preached in a meadow, people turned a bull loose on him. But later, because he refused to give up, he preached in a pasture and ten thousand people came to hear him.”

If I was willing to get on the right side of never and began to never snack like a starving man in the evening, I could slim and trim up my pot belly. In 2019 will I get, never, sorted out for my good?  We should never give up on what is good and positive, but it takes a helping hand from God, others and own unwavering will to do so.

No matter how difficult or deadly the situations that Jesus faced he never gave up. He never gave up on doing what His Father in heaven needed him to do. He relied on God’s help. Jesus had success preaching to thousands, but he had more than his share of rejection and opposition. He was willing to lay down his life for all sinners. When being crucified, he never turned against his enemies because he said that they did not understand what they were doing.

It is always good advice in any year not to say never. In a sense, we should not say: I will never stop smoking; I will never hit my ideal weight; I will never get out of debt; I will never speak to him/her again. Many people have quit smoking although they believed at one time, they never would be able to stop. People have reached their ideal weight although they were certain they never would. We should never give up on what is good and positive for us.

We are told in the Bible nothing is impossible with God. What may be impossible for us in our own efforts can be possible with the help of God. Perseverance can be turned in the right direction with God’s help. Many of us are very good at harmful and unwise actions like overeating junk food, smoking, and  spending money we do not have to spend. Then also there is the willingness to blame others, spread gossip, refuse to forgive others, hate, and slander, etc. In 2019 God will help you to achieve what is good but never help you do what is wrong.

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