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October 31 is The Best Night of the Year for the Young at Heart

Ed, my neighbor next door, can never get enough of Halloween night. My neighbor would have Halloween celebrated every month that has thirty-one days, if he were the boss of the country. Those of you who know my neighbor will know he threatens that he will make a great many changes once he is in control and things are done his way. Ed gets cranky if you tell him that probably they will only change if Ruby, his wife, will allow it.

This year Ed has decorated his yard with an even greater assortment of ghosts, spider-webs, bats, witches and pumpkin lights. He has also added an impressive, inflated, black cat that takes up a sizeable chunk of his front yard. My neighbor loves to wear an elaborate costume on any Halloween. This year Ed has some scary plans for those who come to his front porch trick and treating.  Halloween brings out the kid in Ed, and I’m sure glad I didn’t know him as a kid, as he is still full of tricks and mischief as a grandpa. My neighbor thinks I should let him put two large glowing accordion eyes on our real estate sign in the front yard. It isn’t going to happen.

There can never be too much Halloween for Ed. When we enjoy something, we may think we couldn’t have too much of it either. Many children do not believe they could get too many good treats on Halloween night. Not many folks winning the lottery believe it could result in them getting too much money. Many feel if they didn’t have to go to work they still wouldn’t have too much free time. Those who cannot work or the retired may feel they have too much free time to use. Does having too much power corrupt a person? Often we are convinced we are at the wrong end of things; not enough money, not enough free time and not enough power. We may not notice how much good health we have experienced until we become sick. When we have good health do we take it for granted too much? Does too much love spoil the one receiving an over abundance of love?

Many would agree that love is a powerful force and that love is the power for good for oneself or others. Some would see hate as the most powerful force among people. Perhaps most of us slide between liking and loving, and disliking and hating ourselves and others. Which is more dangerous, when we don’t like ourselves, or when we like ourselves more than we should?  Many do equate God with love and what is good. Some see hate as the power of the devil and bad. Lots of folks don’t want to hear about God or the devil or right or wrong. It seems our age will be known as the age when morality died. Individualist morals dominate, and to indulge in moral reflection centered in God and his word is bad. Many want to live their personal moral code and decide for themselves what is ethical and good. It is not that God is dead; it is simply many are certain they know better or more than God.

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