Wind Warnings Can Be Ignored Until the Wind Blows the Shirt Off Your Back

Ed, my neighbor next door, went to his farm yesterday without paying any attention to the wind warning on weather reports. Ruby wasn’t to be home until nine in the evening, so Ed puttered around at rebuilding a truck motor in his Quonset, from afternoon to early evening. What a shock Ed had when he started for home about seven p.m. The wind had gone crazy swirling snow around in explosions of momentary white outs. Ed said that the wind was ripping around with enough force to wake hibernating animals. After a slow drive home, Ed heard that the winds were gusting at 104 km per hour. Ed, now claims, that the wind was so strong that it almost ripped the shirt off his back even with his coat on.

Ed was annoyed with me, when I said that he exaggerated too much. I do agree that it certainly was a fierce wind storm that had everyone’s attention. It seems to prove the point that almost anything can happen when it comes to the weather. I personally like the wind turbines that use the wind to generate power. Usually we have more than enough wind blowing about us, so why not put it to good use. After a wind storm, there is often property and tree damage, so it may as well, leave behind the power for everyone’s use through wind turbines.

It is impossible for us to control the wind and weather. Thankfully, God can make the impossible become possible by his unlimited genius and power. The Bible speaks repeatedly of God doing what is impossible for us to do. Once, Jesus and his disciples were in a boat on the lake, when a furious storm came so that the waves swept over the boat. The disciples became frightened and certain that they were going to drown. Jesus, however, rebuked the winds and waves and both the waves and winds became completely calm. This left the disciples amazed that the winds and waves obeyed Jesus.

The Bible makes it clear that God specializes in doing what seems impossible from our perspective. God often uses what we have to change the impossible into the possible. The youth, David, used his slingshot, as his weapon against wild animals as a shepherd. He was not afraid to fight Goliath the Philistine warrior with his slingshot because he was certain God would help him gain the victory. The giant came to fight David with his sword and spear and javelin, but David came against the giant in the name of the Lord Almighty and his sling shot. With God on our side, it doesn’t matter the strength or size of the enemy or the force of the storm we are facing, because what seems impossible will become possible.

If your, family, or personal circumstances become so tangled, that, it is impossible to straighten them out, turn to God. When it seems there is no hope for you turn to God. He is able to use what you have to turn what is impossible to possible. Once, Jesus used five barley loaves and two fish to feed five thousand folks. With God, the impossible becomes possible.


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