Rain or Shine

Sometimes Rain or Shine Do Not Matter.

Ed, my old neighbor, told me last week that since I moved away the weather has been great. He reports that it is just one more thing that took a change for the better once I took off for the BC coast. The way Ed tells it, things are now so good that it does matter if the sun shines or if it rains, as it is all good. I’m glad my old neighbor is finding everything looking up after our departure. Our weather, after we moved was some of everything; cloudy, cool, rainy, sunny and hot. Being near our daughter and her family in Washington State was so good that the changing weather was just fine no matter if it was rain or shine.

The weather always acts inconsiderately no matter where you are living. I helped my daughter with some landscaping for their front yard. They are to have their house painted and wanted to improve the street appeal of their house’s shrubs, hedges, lawn, and flower beds. I offered to take on the project, but the weather went from cool and cloudy, to sunny and hot as soon as, I transplanted bedding plants, specifically flowers. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year to date, and it ushered in a week of blistering hot weather. Cool and wet is best for the transplanting of flowers but I got the landscaping done in the hot sun. A, 50, sunscreen, made my face white as a ghost and stuck on like glue, but it kept me from being sun burnt. When you need to do something, you cannot dictate if you will have the weather you would prefer. You have to make the best of what comes your way.   

I have found that while traveling one may not have the luxury of worshipping in a congregation of one’s usual denomination. The number of churches nearby you when you are traveling and the service time may dictate which church you attend. In his years as a rabbi, Jesus went to the synagogue near him on the Sabbath. Jesus, although he was the Son of God, took the time publicly to honor his Father in heaven. He considered the reading of God’s word and its discussion as needful and necessary. Often, Jesus demonstrated the power of God by healing those who needed help physically, and by forgiving peoples’ sins, for the care of their souls.

Jesus was concerned about both the spirit and the body of people as God’s Word proclaims. Jesus often received criticism from other religious leaders for enacting or practicing the word of God in his life and the lives of other people. Other religious leaders were more concerned with talking about how wise, and superior they were when it came to God. They had little concern for helping those in need, especially obvious sinners. They were not concerned as Jesus was with the healing of the sick, the forgiving of sins or teaching to edify people in the love of God. Rain or shine, Jesus dedicated his life, and death to loving sinners. He brought God’s power to the needs of others. He humbled himself as a doer of God’s word, as we are also all called to do.

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