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Start Searching For Long, Lost Treasure Today

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, has been searching for a part for his vintage grain truck, and he says that it is like trying to find a hidden treasure. Every year as harvest begins to appear down the road; Ed seeks to get, Old Mack, ready for one more season of grain hauling. So far, my old neighbor has been able to coax his old grain truck through another season of harvest. This year he may have to retire Old Mack if he cannot treasure hunt a new part for his truck.

I told Ed that I should be good at being a treasure hunter because I have had a lot of practice in hunting a couple of artifacts of my own, my glasses and keys to be precise.

My old neighbor told me he had borrowed a book from his son-in-law in Edmonton. The book is by Charles A. Miller, and called, “The Golden Mountains.” The book is about hunting for treasure mostly lost gold in British Columbia.

Ed has been bitten with gold fever, but he wants me to do the searching for the lost gold, as he will give me directions from his book. He wants me to head to a village named Clinton, half way between Prince George and Vancouver. Clinton is two hours and forty-six minutes away from Chilliwack if I drive non-stop. Then I am to search along Scott or Scottie Creek, for hidden gold bars worth $15,000.00.

In 1889, an outlaw Jack Rowland robbed a stagecoach and was captured after a time, and sent to prison. It is rumored that the gold bars he stole were never found and that they were supposedly hidden along the creek, in the, area of his cabin near Clinton. Now Ed thinks that I should use my time and my gas to go to Clinton and find those gold bars that no one else has found in 118 years. My excuse to Ed was that right now, the Ashcroft and Clinton areas are threatened by forest fires. I told Ed to keep treasure hunting his tested and preferred way by buying his lottery tickets right at home in Melville.

Many folks have treasured gold so much that they were willing to leave where they were, and what they had, to go and search for gold sometimes thousands of miles away. It seems many folks want to become rich and finding gold could make them so. People buy lottery tickets because they want to become rich or richer.

People treasure many things like wealth, possessions, families, friends, health, jobs, hobbies, cell phones, etc. They also cherish things that they believe are treasures but are trash in the long run. It is easy for folks to treasure doing drugs, getting drunk, violence, crime, pornography, etc. and eventually finding their lives trashed because of them. We cannot always see the difference between what is a treasure and what is trash.

The Bible is clear that whatever we treasure that is where our heart will be. As Christians, faith in Jesus Christ is to be our greatest treasure. Jesus is the most valuable treasure that we are to hold as far above all other of our treasures.

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