Straight or Crooked?

It Is Easier To Power Wash Than Paint Walls And Ceilings.

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, got an ear full when he asked about my progress in painting rooms in our condo. I was wound up because, “In the bathroom, the edge of the white ceiling got overrun by the dark grey paint of the wall. It was a horrible sight. It was more like the work of vandalism rather than a painter. I used a painter’s tool to keep the two colors away from each other but without success. It worked well until I came to one wall where it was needed most.”

“Hold on,” Ed interrupted me, “You could have prevented the mess if you used painter’s tape. Next time, tape first and then you will smile when you are done. Throw your painter’s tool away, as you likely bought it at the dollar store!”

I changed the subject because I had already reached the same conclusions as Ed. I told him I used a power washer on the driveway at the building. It was fun as I had never used one before, and really enjoyed the experience while wearing rubber boots. My old neighbor asked if I would be playing in mud puddles next, and I said that it wasn’t on my bucket list. Ed added that in heaven I will do power washing unless I learn to use painter’s tape.

In painting walls and ceilings, close enough won’t do, as it must be exactly right when two colors come side by side. When you paint it must look like a professional could have painted it. To do a good job at painting or power washing it means attention to detail, and determination to keep at it until it is done right or at least completed the very best you can. In the Old Testament, the prophets were sent by God to warn the people that their ways were crooked instead of straight when measured by His word and will.

A plumb line has been used since very ancient times. It is a simple but accurate tool used to determine if something is perfectly vertical or upright. A plumb line consists merely of a line and a weight of some sort. At first, it was just a stone, but later the weight was made from lead. A plumb line was used in building straight or upright walls. The Bible speaks of God showing himself to Amos, with a plumb line in his hand to measure how upright his people were living. The prophet Amos was to act as a plumb line for the people of Israel. Amos was a herdsman and a dresser of sycamore figs in Judah. Yet the Lord took him from following the flock, and told him, “Go, prophesy to my people Israel.”

It wasn’t that the people of Israel did not have God’s word, but that it no longer was a measure of what was right for them to follow. They did not measure what they thought, said and did by God’s word. Folks were quick to see how others were wrong and needed to repent but few saw themselves failing to measure up to God’s word. Many also refused to hear Jesus’ call to repent. Do you hear Him?

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