What Do You Want?

Knowing What I Want Is Not Always Clear.

“Going to the craft store is not a good idea for me,” I told Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, yesterday. “Right now, I’m cleaning up from my project of making Christmas tree decorations. It has been an accidental explosion of glitter that has infected the whole house, especially me, the person using it,” I explained to Ed.

“I don’t want to hear that you were wasting your time making ornaments when every dollar store has cheap Christmas decorations that require nothing more than hanging them on the tree,” Ed grumbled.

I think Ed has a good point because homemade crafts cannot always compete in beauty with the already made ones. The fun of crafts is making your done-at-home article look as good as what is in the store. I have an extreme opinion that homemade popcorn balls, candy, buns, and peanut brittle are better than the store stuff.

I asked Ed what he wants for Christmas. This year he set my mind spinning when he told me that he wanted me to buy a LipoRing set for Christmas. He wanted me to try this weight loss ring set and see if it worked for me. If it worked for me, he would get a set for Ruby.  According to Ed, LipoRing is the quickest, fastest way to accomplish weight loss.

I thought Ed was trying to pull a fast one on me, but I found a description of LipoRing on the internet. It is described as two silicone rings designed to be worn around your big toes. These rings emit magnetic forces to stimulate the acupressure to reduce hunger and support weight loss for the person wearing them all day long. Ed and the internet have not convinced me to buy a LipoRing set.

Knowing what I want for Christmas, reflects what I certainly do not want. Most Christians have definite views about excellent Christmas gifts, and why they celebrate Christmas Eve and Day. Christians agree God freely and dramatically became a member of the human race, as the baby born of Mary in a stable at Bethlehem. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to live and die for us. We cannot conquer sin on our own. Jesus came to break the hold of sin upon us. Jesus taught us not to doubt God’s love but to rejoice that while were sinners, He died for us. He gave us the gift of salvation from God in heaven.

For some Christians, Christmas is confirming the right and comfortable beliefs that they hold about God and His Son, Jesus Christ, born to save us from our sins. Jesus, born at Christmas, reminds us love is about action. To have defined and fixed views about Jesus is not an end, but the beginning of our life of faith lived in love. Christian faith becomes real when it is lived out. Being a Christian isn’t merely celebrating Christmas Eve and Day. Being a Christian is a daily lifestyle the whole year through. It is learning to be slow to judge others and quick to take the log out of our own eyes. Only God is perfect. Jesus died for all, for we are all sinful.

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