Which Way?

Which Way Is Best For You To Follow?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, is getting tired of the winter cold and says that the only direction to travel this time of year is south. He is talking about as far south as Arizona or some other warm spot to shake the winter chills. Arizona may be a good destination in the winter, but perhaps too hot for a stay in the summer.

No matter where Christians make their home, they are reminded that their direction is the eternal destination of heaven. Nobody gets to live their lives backward. Believers in Christ look at what will help them keep in fruitful faith now, and in the years to come as they set their hearts on heaven.

No one at Melville sets out to drive to Regina with their car registering empty of gas. Yes, they could have an electric vehicle. The point is that a car must be in good working condition to get a person where they want to go. Drivers won’t get far if they neglect what their car needs to provide them with transportation. They need to make their way to the gas station regularly.

The Bible makes it clear that there is a way of being poor, hungry and weeping that is good for our souls. The blessed poor are those showing humility before God. The poor in spirit recognize compared to God, and His commands, that they can only say, “God be merciful a sinner.”

Blessed are those who are hungry for the righteousness and forgiveness of God. They hunger for God to fill them with faith, so that they may grow and bear fruit as Jesus did on earth.

Blessed are the weeping in sadness for those suffering from sickness, pain, disability, imprisonment, and the death of loved ones. They know only God can fill their hearts with joy and peace unless they forget this truth.

Many do not make their way to God’s word or fellowship. Those who enjoy the blessing of possessions and wealth may feel satisfied without God. Becoming self-centered, not hungry for God is easy. Many encourage laugher at sin and any need for salvation from God. It is popular to be rebellious, scandalous, scoffing and sinful towards God.

The First Psalm warns that cursed is the person who trusts in himself or herself and others, as if, they are the masters of their own destiny. The hearts of such are turned away from God. They think that they can do things, without any need for help from God. It may be that they are pleased to be going their way without God.

Christians must decide if they will live in trust of God and seek heaven as their destination. They may try to live in their own way, without God, but their faith will dry up because it is of God and from God. We live at a time when there is no shortage of people proud of their sins and mocking of God.

The better way is for a person to be blessed by trusting in the Lord. He or she is like a tree planted by water whose roots provide water from the stream all year round. They bear fruit consistently because they have a source of water.

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