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Canada’s Worst Drivers are not Just on the Television Screen

Ed, my old neighbor from Saskatchewan, phoned yesterday while I was watching Canada’s Worst Driver. He could not figure out why I would watch Canada’s Worst Drivers on the television when I could see lots of them anytime I was on any highway. I said that at least on TV they were not as scary as when you share the road with them in your car. I asked if Ed had ever noticed how safe drivers can quickly become terrible drivers in some situations.  He ignored my question.

We both agreed that the thousands of people fleeing the fire at Fort McMurray had a terrifying experience, evacuating their city. What a nightmare they experienced in their drive to get away from a fire that would not be controlled or stopped. Of course, Ed pointed out that prayers that the wildfire would avert the city failed. God was not listening. Of course, I noted that the fire had not claimed scores of lives which might have been the case without God’s protection in answer to prayers. We both agreed that the natural disasters that swallow up lives are the worst; for you can rebuild a house after a fire but not a person killed in a fire.

Our discussion of natural disasters prompted me to tell Ed about a book I just finished reading called, “The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die.” Ed offered five secrets of his own. They were: have a will, make sure your life insurance is paid up, stop buying lottery tickets as you cannot take the jackpot with you in the grave, people will speak more favorably about you after your dead, and even your dog will forget you once you’re deceased. Ed was surprised that the author, John Izzo, had five other secrets for people to discover before they die. They are: ‘Be True to Yourself {Reflect More], Leave No Regrets {Risk More}, Become Love {Love More}, Live the Moment {Enjoy More}, and Give More Than You Take (Return More).’

Ed was intrigued with the secrets; ‘Be true to yourself, and Leave no regrets.’ My old neighbor asked if that meant that he should be true to himself and smoke more, and have more glasses of whiskey. He also wanted to know if leaving no regrets allowed that he could tell some people what he thought of them before he was dead. I offered to tell him what the author suggested with each secret, but Ed said that he had lost interest, and he couldn’t trust me not to put some religious meaning to them. Our book discussion ended.

Ed was right as I did add a Biblical connection to each of the five secrets. The author explained his first secret, ‘Be True to Yourself, (Reflect More),’ that we should consider if we are following our hearts. Are we living like the person we want to be? The Bible connection I thought of was 2 Corinthians 13:5. Is it Biblical to leave no regrets (Risk More), become love (Love More), live the moment (Enjoy More), and give more than you take (Return More)? Check your Bible to answer. Suggestions: Romans 12:1-2; 1 John 3:16-18; Ephesians1:7; Matthew 6:2-4; and Luke 14:12-14.

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