Invited To Dinner

Who Is Providing Dinner?

Ed, my old neighbor in Saskatchewan, is very selective about picking a restaurant if he is paying to eat there. My former neighbor is not particular where he eats if he someone else is paying the bill.

Many of us like to eat out at restaurants and to be invited to be a dinner guest. Eating with family and friends can be a treat. The Bible often speaks about invitations to dinners, marriage meals, and banquets. The food is essential at Biblical meals but just as important is the fellowship when eating.

The Bible speaks of babies having their first meals as those nursing milk from their mothers. It also refers to a weaned child who has become quieted and stilled in his soul. The weaned child is full of hope and trust in solid food. The child has moved beyond a diet of mother’s milk. Trust in the mother has grown from one food to many. The child is content; his mother knows how to feed him and will feed him day by day.

God not only provides us with our daily bread or food, but he feeds us with his word as well. Keeping the trusting, humble attitude of a weaned child is vital for us before God. A young weaned child does not understand a great deal about food, such as, where it comes from and how it is prepared. The child enjoys his or her food provided by a parent, eating, readily the food given and shared with him or her in loving fellowship.

We do not know all about God or everything concerning his word for us. The Lord is too great and marvelous for us to understand Him fully, but we can trust Him and His wisdom to nourish and sustain us with the food of his word for our growth and maturity daily.

A mother doesn’t reveal everything to her young child. The child is not ready to understand everything, eat all food, or take part in every activity. Children trust that they will receive from their parents what they will need as they grow older.

It is to God’s glory that He conceals much of Himself from us for we are not ready or able to understand the fullness of His person and majesty. A baby or a young child is not as wise as his parent.  It is not wise to compare ourselves and think we are equal to God as He is revealed in His word. A child responds to a parent’s love, which calms and quiets his soul. God’s love nourishes and uplifts children and adults. We need food for the body and love for our soul. It is taking humbly God’s love offered to us like a mother gives love and food to her child.

God’s love is concerned with what is best for us now and in the long run, as our Heavenly Father. The Bible warns us not to put ourselves forward into a king’s presence. We cannot expect an earthly king’s love or acceptance unless he has invited us to meet him. God is ready to receive everyone. You can expect God’s love, and recognition for He invites all to come to Him and find His love in His Jesus Christ.

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