Buying and Selling Take Tool Long On The Internet

                 Ed, my neighbor next door, is always looking for a bargain. He is an auction addict and sometimes even has some appetite for yard sales if he is not busy at the farm. Once again, my neighbor shared with me how disappointed he was with the way we recently had our van up for sale. “Do you really think you’ll ever sell your van with that sign in the window of it?” was his first question. Second he asked, “How much do you want for it?” Third question he quizzed, “How much are willing to take for it?” Before Ed could ask me ten more questions, I asked him, “Do you want to buy my van?” I was ready for his answer which was that he would never buy a van because he only drives trucks. While I had him on a two second pause, I told him that he should buy our van for his wife Ruby. “She wouldn’t be interested in it,” Ed insisted. I told Ed that it was fine because it was advertised on four internet websites. “When they don’t work take it to the Yorkton Auction Center,” Ed instructed as left me alone with my van.

                After a week and no sale of the van, Ed said that in the summer, the weather is too nice and no one is on the internet. He was truly skeptical that we were receiving calls and emails concerning the van. By the end of the second week, my neighbor said, “I haven’t seen anyone test driving your van so I guess those calls and emails are worthless when it comes to selling your van!” When our van had not sold in two weeks, my neighbor said the internet ads were useless but he was impressed to hear they were free. According to Ed, eighteen days to sell our van was way too long. We were really pleased with how the selling our van went even if our neighbor was not impressed. 

                The internet is an impressive place for specialized sales. If you want to buy a van, there are countless vans for sale. Whatever you want to buy there is more than a good chance you will find it on the internet. It also means you can do a huge amount of window shopping from the comfort of your home. Buying and selling are certainly part of the Bible narrative. Jesus makes three references to the market place, which was common in his day. The market places served several important functions. Towns and cities had an open space or broad street where produce and goods were for sale or trade. Jesus makes reference to children playing games there, laborers were hired there, it was a place for greetings and being recognized, and the sick were brought there for healing.

In the ancient world and in our internet world, people will always be found buying and selling. In buying and selling we are always deciding what we need or don’t need. We may even approach God as if we need Him or we don’t need Him. Maybe we forget his judgments are unsearchable and his ways inscrutable. He does not need anything from us for to Him alone is glory forever.

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