Some Folks Have More Wisdom to Share Than Solomon


Ed, my neighbor next door, was telling me that some of his relatives have always called him ‘Cousin Solomon,’ even though, his name has always been Ed. His uncle Harry in Edmonton once said that Ed had more wisdom to share than Solomon. Ever after that event, more than a few of his relatives have called him, Cousin Solomon. Ed is still sharing his wisdom on everything to this present day.        I met Ed last week at city hall, along with lots of other folks, present there to pay our property taxes. Ed shared with me that he believed the real reason for Robin William’s death was due to taxes. When I asked Ed, if Robin Williams had to pay a lot of personal and property taxes, his answer was probably! He explained that since taxes are so high here in Melville SK, they must be exorbitant in California. He ended by saying that since Melville’s taxes keep going up like a never ending addiction, we will all soon be suffering severe depression like Robin Williams suffered.

I mentioned to Ed when I was talking to him that I had an abundance of plums and apples this year, and he was welcome to some. He had been watching the apples on my tree getting ripening from his yard, and it seemed that I had enough apples for all of Melville. I said that I was thrilled with the abundance of apples and plums we have this summer. Cousin Solomon said that he has seen me picking up apples from the ground, and he does not want any apples that have fallen off the tree. I was quick to say that I was inviting him to pick his apples and plums from our trees. I wasn’t surprised when Ed said that picking fruit was women’s work, and he would ask Ruby if she wanted to pick any fruit. My neighbor then added it was men’s work to eat an apple pie, or apple sauce, or plum jam when the fruit was perfected. Like Ed, we all have our thoughts and opinions on what is wise and what is foolish.   

It is hard to hear God’s word when it says, “Be not wise in your own eyes, and do not lean on your own understanding.” The question always arises as to who knows best? Who is the wisest? Folks today would say that they do and refuse the guidance and brilliance of God’s word. Many think so highly of their own opinions that they are consumed in their own wisdom. Guidance from God comes from renewing our minds in his word, by our own testing and examining of what God’s word has to offer in comparison to our own way of thinking. Most of us, who watch Jeopardy, are amazed at the great   wealth of knowledge that many contestants demonstrate. God invites us to discover the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of his person through his word. We are called to collide with the inscrutable way of God’s undeserved love for us in his Son Jesus Christ. God’s word can teach us what is good and acceptable for us, if we know that, we are not God’s counselor.     b

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